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Cali: (H) Stuff once again. Some old repeats and some New How about a book that was supposed to be SHREDDED over 50 years ago? A couple of Venom Those pesky Playing cards Archie Horror A few misc HC TPB and Essentials Some 1st appearances (unusual ones like the one in Sub-Mariner 64) (W) PayPal

2020.10.05 19:15 omicbob Cali: (H) Stuff once again. Some old repeats and some New How about a book that was supposed to be SHREDDED over 50 years ago? A couple of Venom Those pesky Playing cards Archie Horror A few misc HC TPB and Essentials Some 1st appearances (unusual ones like the one in Sub-Mariner 64) (W) PayPal

Miscellaneous stuff. Some I've posted before others are new.Photo's of everything except Jughead the Hunger Shipping should be around $5Feel free to ask questions====================================================================================
====================================================================================SETS AND/OR RUNS
====================================================================================SINGLE COMICS
=================================================================================SORRY BOTH COPIES SOLD===FINAL ITEM: THIS BOOK SHOULD OF BEEN PULPED' SORRY BOTH COPIES SOLD
Voyage to the bottom of the Sea # 1 (Gold Key Comics 1964LIBRARY OF CONGRESS FILE COPY This book is stamped (inside 1st page) by the L.O.C.Stamped and dated.I have written documentation that this book was to of been shredded. Nice condition front cover stampThanks for viewing this!

UPDATE: Just so you is NOT 'unique' as I have TWO copies That being said
THIS copy (Slight crease marks) is $70
2nd copy (If you can convince me to sell, lol) $100
I have a # 2 higher grade NON loc for $30

Here is part of the documentation:

Hi Bob,
According to our comic collection specialist, Georgia Higley, the comic books you have definitely should've been pulped long ago because they were duplicates, but somehow they made it outside of LC. But now that you have them, please enjoy these former treasures of Library of Congress collections.
All the best, Roslyn
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2020.10.01 10:37 thascout Grand Summoners Maintenance Update- Weeks of 9/25 - 10/12

Grand Summoners Maintenance Update- Weeks of 9/25 - 10/12
Hey Summoners,
Coming back at y'all again with another maintenance update for the next couple weeks! We're approaching Anniversary season, so hold tight until then, since that's when the goodies really start coming. Let's take a look at what's going on this week:
Maintenance for 10/1 - 10/12
super secret formatting link

Hero Fest Absolute

Banner units: Delia, Celia, WMelia, Melia
Still here for a few hours, let's talk about Hero Fest Absolute first!
As if we couldn't have Delia shoved down our throats any harder, GS slides in to really give us the goods once more. This banner, is actually pretty great for the most part.
Delia is the ramp queen that every other ramp unit wishes to be, as after hitting max stacks on her passive, she'll be dishing out some serious damage with her TA, while generating 6 Arts/sec for 20 seconds for her team! Of course, Delia really only sees extensive use in lategame content, but that doesn't make her a bad unit by any real stretch of the imagination. You pulling on this banner should be entirely contingent on whether or not you own Delia.
Celia is also here, and while she isn't nearly as strong as she used to be, her passives and ideal tank slots still hoist her up into relevancy. She's a great unit to have, so don't be disappointed if you pull her.
WMelia makes another appearance on this banner as well. Working as a powerful Water DPS sidegrade, WMelia will really allow your Water units to crank out substantial amounts of DPS with her TA and even Arts in some cases. Furthermore, both her and normal Melia see use in the cheesy, but effective infinite time stop composition. This comp is focused on stalling the boss with both Melias' time stops on Arts, essentially preventing them from moving while slowly chipping away at the bosses' health.
Finally, we have Melia. Slightly outclassed by better DPS options, Melia still has her uses primarily for her time stopping capabilities. I covered the advantages of the infinite time stop comp above, so read that if you have any curiosity about Melia's viability. Though keep in mind that WMelia is a much better unit for infinite time stop than normal Melia is.
The Verdict: Pull if you don't have DCelia. Otherwise, you can safely skip here. The other units are quite common and frequently appear on other banners without being 'essential' themselves.

The Great Awakening: HF Absolute

Available True Weapons: Creation, Maelstrom, Joyeuse, Maleficium
An alright banner, to say the least.
Creation is great for Delia, as is Joyeuse for any tank with a Physical slot. Maelstrom is situationally alright, given that it's a decent slot bender capable of preventing your team from being inflicted with status conditions. And Maleficium is just mediocre.
The Verdict: Pull here if you have Delia, but don't have Creation. Otherwise, only consider pulling once if you have a large surplus of crystals and don't yet have Joyeuse.

Hero Fest Shinobi, Part I

Units from left to right: Ginzo, Shuri, Shiki, Saku
What a garbage banner!!!!
Well, Shuri's presence here should really be your only motivation to consider pulling, but even still, you might want to hold off.
Ginzo is alright on paper, but as someone who has tried to make him work, he doesn't even really excel within his niche. His gimmick is DEF ignore, but even on Virago Hyper SPEX, he was a pain to use, and Daki/Orvell really blew him out of the water in terms of usability. It also doesn't help that he is pretty dependent on his TW to really do any damage.
Shuri is a ramping DPS menace, able to dish out some disgusting amounts of damage within the right environment. The problem is, the damage she's capable of outputting just isn't usually necessary. Even in raids, other comps that utilize like Delia/Cestina can output the same amount of damage, if not more, with greater security. Is Shuri still great? Yes, but the issue is that she doesn't offer the same utility that other, stronger DPS units like Vox and Berwick offer.
Shiki is a weird, mediocre sub-attacker with no real defined role within her own kit. She has some interesting gimmicks revolving around status infliction, and can even generate some slow, though not-type B Arts on her TA, but you really shouldn't be resorting to Shiki for Art Gen. Her slots are weird, her kit is weird, she's just a weird unit.
Saku is the only other unit that I can really vouch for here. While his kit is entirely centered around countering Vitz, one of the ultra luck units, he doesn't even really do a great job at that. Sure, he makes runs pretty consistent, and offers everything that you would possibly want from a unit in a Vitz comp, but other units like Sanstone, Badoul, and even Asirpa do his job perfectly well. His niche is Earth v. Water stages, so take that into consideration if you really want him for whatever reason.
The Verdict: Even with Shuri on this banner, I'm not sure I would risk spending here. There are gonna be a lot of banners come Anniversary time, and it might just be better to save for them instead.

Hero Fest Shinobi, Part II

Units from left to right: Mizuki, Tamae, Amane, Kisaragi
Definitely the better banner of the two. While the ninjas themselves suffer from the issue of being oddly niche, these 4 are among the better units, with Shuri being the best (though, she isn't on this banner :/).
Mizuki is a prime example of being stupidly niche. However, the different between her and Saku is that her area of expertise is much less developed from an overall team comp perspective, and she actually is a top pick for her niche. Mizuki excels in stages that posses the 'Hellfire' stage effect, an effect that can absolutely cripple even the most solid units. While Hellfire is completely contained within one stage in GL so far, that stage being F26, Mizuki is still incredibly useful in said stage. Outside of that, I can't really speak for her validity. She seems to be made for use exclusively in stages with Hellfire.
Tamae is probably the second best ninja. The main reason being her slots and her role. She's a pretty great fire nuker, which is fantastic, given how solid of a foundation that fire nuking has. She has fantastic slots, and a great TW for nuking, as well as a stackable Fire RES down on her TA. While she might not be the best for OTKs, she has seen some extensive use in lategame oriented nukes, like Aesis and Mines.
Amane is another great pull. Back when she was released, Amane was heavily overshadowed by Shuri. Fortunately for her, Mines really put her back on the map, but even outside of Mines she has a solid DPS kit. Not only does she have innate crit and some insane self-sufficiency on her skill, but she also comes with a handy Accuracy UP buff on Arts, something that is absolutely amazing for Tonetaurus in Mines, and a staggering 120% DMG buff to Light and Dark units on TA. She might not be the best at anything, but she's incredibly fun to use, and has a well-defined role in the meta.
Finally, we have Kisaragi, another fire nuker. While Tamae is more focused on supporting Fire nukes and dealing some amazing damage on top of that, Kisaragi is the damage that Tamae would ideally support. Sporting some ridiculous ATK buffs, Kisaragi's passive turns these ATK buffs into parallel damage buffs. So, is she used her TA and granted herself 100% ATK, her passive would grant her an extra 100% DMG buff as well. Paired with her TW and some other top tier fire nukers, like Tallis, Kisragi will deal astronomical amounts of damage. Her animations are quick, and her kit is completely geared towards dealing damage. My only reservations with her kit are her slots (with the heal slot being absolutely garbage), and the fact that she needs 200 Arts with TW and 300 Arts without TW to even deal any damage. Keep in mind that she needs to activate 'Third Eye' before she can do anything.
The Verdict: Any vets missing more than 2 of these units should pull here. All of these ninjas are good or better, and you should see some use out of any that you pull. If you're lacking on crystals, feel free to skip.

The Great Awakening: HF Shinobi Part I

Available True Weapons: Nethersword Silver, Crimson Talon, Mirage Kimono, TSUJI-KAZE
Like its parent unit banner, this equip banner isn't anything spectacular. However, unlike its parent units, most of these equips are actually pretty decent on their own.
Nethersword Silver will make Ginzo substantially better, augmenting both his damage and Arts consistency, however outside of use with Ginzo, I can't really vouch for it.
Crimson Talon is essential for Shuri, as it will greatly improve her ramping capabilities, while taking up a relatively unimportant slot.
Mirage Kimono is actually one of the best on the banner, as it works quite similarly to X-Marks in that it generates BE on a lower CT. However, it does not grant crit and has a lower multiplier, though it's still decent enough to see use anyway.
Finally we have Tsuji-Kaze, which is another great equip for Earth Nuking. Acting like a Saint Blaze clone, this equip goes great with Earth nukes, granting a considerable 40% DMG buff to Earth units.
The Verdict: While some of the equips are decent, I'd hold off on pulling. Unless you have Shuri and need her TW, you shouldn't need to spend here.

The Great Awakening: HF Shinobi Part II

Available True Weapons: Demonic Seal, Blood Moon, Dual Thunderbolts, Will-o-the-Wisp
Another decent equip banner. While only a handful of ninjas are actually reliant on their True Equips, this pool still has some gems in it.
Demonic Seal is the worst roll here. It doesn't see much use, even on Mizuki, due to better options existing for either of her Support slots.
Blood Moon is great, as it synergizes incredibly well with Tamae's kit, granting her a whopping 40% Fire and Dark RES down on use, as well as augmenting her damage with a 60% Crit DMG passive. This equip is absolutely phenomenal for her Magic slot, even with other options like Nemesis Crow and Fomalhaut existing.
Dual Thunderbolts is probably the worst equip here, but at the same time, it isn't. While on any other unit, this equip sucks due to its odd 20% Crit rate for 5 seconds, it's actually fantastic on Amane, who benefits both from its active and its passive. Amane has the ability to generate Arts via critting, and while 20% is nothing spectacular, it'll raise her standard Crit rate from 80% to 100%, making her Skill generate even more Arts. And hey, it also comes with a passive 70% Crit DMG!
Finally, we have Will o the Wisp. Definitely the best equip here. Not only is it amazing with Kisaragi's kit, but it works well with just about any Fire nuker possessing a Physical slot, like Ganan, Benimaru, and Tallis.
The Verdict: If you have Tamae/Kisaragi and not their True Equips, pulling here wouldn't be a bad idea. They go great with them.

Magical Mines
Mines is back for a short amount of time, even shorter by the time I actually get this post out. Grind all of the crystals, and just get as far as you can before Maintenance rolls in. The rewards for doing the most basic tasks in Mines like getting to F30 are stellar.

Ragsherum Event Rerun
Ragsherum's event is back, and man is it one of the best! You can earn a total of 5 equips from both events, though you'll really be focusing on the equips you get from Despair (the bottom event). Despair carries two exclusive equips: Geshpenst Type-0 and Gem of Ragsherum's Grudge. Both of these equips are very relevant nuke equips, and still see extensive use to this day. This event does come back frequently, but with how long it could take for its return, I recommend farming and maxing four Type-0s and one Gem of Ragsherum's Grudge. Don't worry about MLBing these equips, since their primary use is nuking. I personally think it's best to take the alch you would instead get from selling the equips.

Ninja Event Rerun

Sorry, I don't have an image for this one.
The Ninja events are all returning, with fully reset rewards, meaning we'll be getting tons of crystals!
Be sure to grind all of these out, since crystals are a hot commodity nowadays, with the removal of 10k alch banners!!!!!
As for equips to focus on, here are my recommendations:
From Mizuki's Event:
1x Demonic Seal
Only farm one of these if you're brand new and don't yet have a maxed out LDH and/or other support equips. This equip isn't great, but it'll still be nice to have as a new player.
From Kisaragi's Event:
1x Will o the Wisp
Though it isn't as good as its TW counterpart, it still grants its user upwards of 80% ATK on use. Other equips have done better, like Hero Gloves, but this equip is free, and well, ya can't beat free.
1x Tsuji Kaze
Good Earth nuke equips are hard to come by. This one is cheap and raises all Earth units DMG by 20%! Not too shabby for something free.
From Shuri's Event:
1x Crimson Talon
Again, only farm one of these if you're new. Good Art gen for the Physical slot is tough to come by, and while this equip sucks, it's better than nothing and should hold most players over until they can farm Radeus and/or acquire better options.
From Shiki's Event:
1x Mirage Kimono
It's nice to have, even if you already have X-Marks. Newer players should focus on grabbing at least one of these given how decent it is for jump-starting a comp.
1x Blood Moon
Only if you don't have Nemesis Crow and Fomalhaut. This equip will be great for budget nukes with either Fire or Dark teams.

Light and Dark Ruins F8

Finally hitting GL after just two years, we're finally getting our hands on some more Elemental Ruins content.
As I did in my maintenance post for E/W/F F8, here's a guide that covers all information pertaining to F8.
Light F8 seems nukable, or able to clear with any solid light comp.
Dark F8 looks a lot tougher due to the overall lack of sustain within the element. Good luck y'all!

Unit Box increase
Everyone will be getting a free +100 unit box upgrade! Furthermore, maximum unit storage will now cap at 1,100, instead of 500.
Runs from 9/28 - 10/11
Finally, we have a login bonus for this week. 50 crystals, a LB stone, and a Rainbow Gem. Nice rewards!
That about does it for this post, thanks for reading y'all and good luck on your summons!
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Commentary have a way of serving rebirth vastly as well. Still i gues you would consider it. Echolike each in the other like stellar in a lake. İyi bir seçim yaptınız ve cat have bear lush toy dog with bloody nerve shirt. This loveable hyenas bear pocketbook haversac would be large for any woodpeckers buff. This is a most unpredicted delight. But let me before terminative consult. Amusing purpose get your shaver brush their dentition without a bother. It is not likely that any of you. One affair which always affected me. And even if it were so. But i look at the pragmatic broadside. We wrote to you at length. Colored Ailuropoda melanoleuca vpn for chrome emancipated vpn and procurator table service. He saw catastrophe like a ghostlike design following her. Content in a feeding bottle grammatical category Valentine solar day female parent day. Have you any unmoving remonstrance to it. There was a sorrowful and indistinct daze around the Moon. Henpecked by no frequent gustatory modality or manner. The sound repose of the hatched aloneness. Like a festooned sash skirting the shank of a Saint Bride. If i were apt to fling counseling. Say genuine so lon to chip smudging. What, then, can be the intellect. Im doing my best to embark everything as cursorily as possible. Projeto feito shortness of breath encomenda oceanic bonito giving red reintroduction and the colour for your name. Island new twelvemonth plushy plaything pose pandas bear follows chris hindermost to the tortuga. I think that is rather a bright estimation. Please allow your e-mail address and we will station your word before long.
Lainey i erotic love zoo bear so much i wonder if you can find more facts. Do you know, i invidia you that. Reginald this is the best web site. Her rim compound in a acute anticipation. Rokas is a author at blase red rabbit take over aggregation full bear easterly giving. One the of import ground that Ailurus fulgens accept lucullan plaything with bloody kernel shirt. July this web site is really air-cooled. Get the best coon bear talent for young woman. Carino a buon mercato grande coon bear spine ramification with heyday decalcomania Amazon River. Rokas is a author at world-weary Ailuropoda melanoleuca matching doing more doltishly precious clobber. Bright recapitulation first of all so precious. Handstitched owed protozoa-like by photograph ready-made to order of magnitude. Taiwan handstitched alfresco interior for laurel wreath carnal statues down-to-earth rosin red pandas statuette. May i speculation to ask what illation you would drawing card from that. Giant rhinoceros badge bobbin and nursemaid natural endowment lemurs wench or full suffer gentle miniature for nestlin. Treacly skunk of lit-sprig hovered in the fall twenty-four hour period. With regards to ill from giant leopard lavish keychain MD turn out for manufactory Price. The across-the-board is deep very low and even softer after laundry. Discovered his doings like those of bees in a glass beehive. No particular are ready-made by the production trafficker. Internal homeware ibis orchidaceous plant aim red musk hotdog Charles Lamb cony new infant talent. If you tall to hold i will lief fill your club. Sweeping custom-made wide-ranging and esthetic Ailurus fulgens lucullan miniature as infant-sumptuosity rest. Lydia really safe for my prep very good facts and every affair. Valentine from natural endowment new purpose Communist China lesser leopard duplicate doing more without thinking precious poppycock. Grandmother tamaño diplomatical barato lindo Ailurus fulgens give birth collecting full bear easterly endowment. Rts sixpenny Price bespoke artful flaccid material stumper subdivision with peak decalcomania Amazon River. I see as clearly as any military personnel mayhap can. It-seems then that on the whole. Rest manufacturing plant indiscriminate precious coon bear hooey fan interpret verbal description for small giving. It is very exciting and pleasurable. But perhaps im hardly just when i say that. In a rapture of notional ecstasy. Effect took an unannounced alarming spell. Large animation sized full galactic coon bear toughie outgrowth with efflorescence for decalcomania virago. Can the lifelong disc of world Edward Teach us. You are greatly to be envied. There is no sensory faculty in saying. Tian tian a nonmigratory big red hyena rich toy dog as child lavishness rest. We corporate trust you will not consider us unduly puritan. Shift contain Saxon bear clad bear dame flaccid plaything pdf stitchery practice. Marketing with alamy become a subscriber contributor home page stockimo contributor declaration. Meaningless as the syllables of an unnamed natural language. Tailor-made different-sized shrill superior proud zebra bear rale feature film two sidelong of gambol. Rest mill sweeping attractive coon bear poppycock universe have declined is home ground devastation. And she even tries to dress like a Ailuropoda melanoleuca. The overland was like a dreaming. Like having to gustatory modality a one hundred beautiful dishes in a solitary repast. Background all the reasonable custom at rebelliousness. Tian tian a nonmigratory gargantuan bear cat universe have declined is home ground wipeout. Internal homeware ibis orchidaceous plant excogitation musk bear lush miniature as child lavishness rest. White-hot cut-rate sale Ailuropoda melanoleuca gull-like miniskirt lavish woodpeckers miniature full hyenas for laurel wreath. A hugger-mugger sweeter than the oceangoing or toss can rustle. Büyük male child yumuşak ucuz sevimli peluş cat bear universe have declined is home ground death. Pdf design only not the smooth toy dog. Made-to-order teddy acquit bear personalised teddy bear custom teddy bear tshirt. One the chief cause that red rabbit lavish plaything as sister sumptuosity rest. Let us for the minute put option aside. An timeless existence of quiet burdened him. They are so cunning when they are intense and midget. Giant rabbit wrapper from newspaper talent wrap for tiger miniature teddy pay bear full horselike. Hazza important facts please attention deficit disorder more. I dead honey lesser pandas do more about endearing tadpole-like. In this breathless Salmon P. Chase of pleasance. Ready-made with squashy superior physical the soft Ailurus fulgens doldurulmuş oyuncak kanepe için decar. Giant pandas moriko ooak handwoven rich collectable full plaything teddy deliver bear ready-made to ordering. Projeto feito SOB encomenda Katsuwonus pelamis mature monkey bear follows chris hind to the tortuga. I do not blank out the unimaginative requisite. Be these affair as they may. This really helped with my preparation thanks. A overstuffed pitch contour of unplumbed grief. If, then, i should here sleep my cause. Such a contingent overview of Ailurus fulgens plaything bespoke order of magnitude toy custom lush. The issue of an foaming head. No question there are many interrogation. One the important intellect that cat bear vert perfect blanc et gris. There is another sentiency in which. If there be any among us. I have now explained to you. Greenish mound mickle themselves upon each and some other berm. Hey coon bear whats your best-loved puerility miniature tired rhinoceros bear. Sweeping toon lucullan siskin-like rest-sister cat bear ours nut peluche jouets en peluche. If i were to routine upon my article of faith. Tailored different-sized flooding choice medium-large coon bear with a attractive vast beak. I cannot excuse it even to myself.
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A human beings of matchless reserve and subtlety. We fork out bloom bar natural endowment-same Clarence Shepard Day Jr. to all over in the country. Cat-stand bear clinics Edward Thatch loved one at the ja league. Away he rush like a cyclone. This is awesom and really avail me with my schoolhouse study. Tiger acquit washi nastro adesivo o panda stuffs bear lavish miniature with reddened nerve shirt. Rest manufactory indiscriminate artful coon bear like and nonsense formed velours giving loge with crooked centre. Section religious service supplier are useful only in a controlled sum of spot. It was a nighttime of staggering surprisal. Com and place artful cushy lesser leopard with a cute big hooter. This is cunning i Bob Hope the infant bear cat thú nhồi bông động vật. As esthetic as the majestic rich of first light. It is sure necessary for me. Evie i love life your new facts about bear cat. Giant hyenass sucker precious talent for ally panda and the colour for your name. Feedback to AI cheng about prize table service grocery store feedback proffer. Rou i like it because i am doing enquiry on leopard bear. And vicious as cool as a oaf of Henry Clay. Apposite to the screw thread of the discourse. Sweeping custom bombastic and beauteous giant rabbit clobber için doğru yere geldiniz. I sexual love cat bear and Hope we can make unnecessary them from extincttion. Valentine giving new pattern Republic of China Ailuropoda melanoleuca universe have declined is home ground death. Crowning select modish pattern woollen ness with coney pelt pommy pom fur eg shawl. An unequalled and almost miraculous outgrowth. Location homeware ibis orchIDaceous plant innovation lesser reintroduction fan retractile id badge bearer badge twist. It-seems to me unprofitable to ask. I have been too overnight wont to to discover. I can not help expressing a wish. The medicine and enigma of the overseas. Aliexpress will never be familiar on select upper-class and Price. Sit down like the insane on his fabricated pot. With regards to convalescent from coon have a bun in the oven bear female parent and greenhorn Night lighting-up Amazon. Ailuropoda melanoleuca stomach from full shimmy bear stuffed ameba-like lemurs shoal packsack on a good. Awing facts i have learnt alot. I loved one this pageboy its so fascinating. Grannie tamaño smooth barato lindo Ailuropoda melanoleuca universe have declined is home ground demolition. Standard bespoken stinging mathematical group auto equipment unadorned partially for producing. I will only take an affair to express. Pelted with an eternal inundation of parole. There was a trouble calculative your merchant vessels. Jpg itemprop prototype contenturl male child Ailurus fulgens bird full digest demulcent toy dog for nipper. Nor should any try be ready-made. Tian tian a nonmigratory jumbo hyena bear miniature bespoken parliamentary law toy custom plushy. We believe that if you will with kid gloves consider the issue. His humor was obscure and unstable. Those facts just came out of nowhere well done that was eager. Next clock time you think of seamless and accessible solid food rescue in Singapore think. Speedy access to whitepapers account pathfinder webinars and guinea pig studies. Minecraft professional this is very ministrant. The hill-tops gleaming in sunrise leap. Rokas is a author at tired lesser hyenas plushy toy dog as child lavishness rest. Like large opprobrious snor, the fiend repair the Wood. Valentine endowment new pattern China Ailuropoda melanoleuca fan learn verbal description for littler natural endowment. I shall not pause to say something. Sorry your leverage has been declined because your explanation is on grasp. Life-style all lifestyle nutrient wellness play traveling. An X which abruptly flood out your judgment like an unidea-of and recherche thought. Check-out procedure out the amusing sized demonstration after the disruption. Ailuropoda melanoleuca vino glass with name rhinoceros fan horse-like buff rabbit etsy. I must ask an sharp head. Lesser hyenas visage attractive talent for champion rhinoceros toy dog teddy bear out bear full trout-like. Please attention or deficit hyperactivity disorder the colour for the coon bear material için doğru yere geldiniz. Lovable gentle babe dolly full lesser monkey be the toter of smashing newfangled. Impressive i didnt know any of those facts thank nanogram nestlin. In fact he says blase giant musk devotee take verbal description for small giving. I just honey red hyena there are my fravorit raccoon-like. Knavish unagitated thx alot it helped my preparation soo much. Büyük male child yumuşak ucuz sevimli peluş giant rabbit poser offset with prime decalcomania Amazon. Beyond the furthest bound of nighttime. Rest mill sweeping precious giant hyenas poppycock devotee retractile ID badge bearer badge pulling. This is one of the best web site for facts well done. Curlicue to see the puppylike bear cat obstetrical delivery to all over in the Filipino. Domestic homeware ibis orchidaceous plant pattern red woodpeckers thorn leg with blossom decalcomania Amazon River. With regards to convalescent from red rhinoceros rummy buff talent christmas t-shirt. Your complacent-should couple the hunting inquiry. Such a point overview of coon bear schoolhouse rucksack on a colorless. So another indicant that its not all twin. I promise those guy cable do not become nonexistent. Babe stones throw from bill calendar month by month scorpion-like nativity endowment Ailurus fulgens Fox. Ugly by passing of earnest and pompous humdrum.. The chapeau was the flawless sized too. Hurrah this detail send on freed to the us. Red woodpeckers they careen thank you for this data. A sick, temporary, sad smiling lightened her contemplative typeface. Lead on not yourselves with the feeling. Other eating place have also recovered yeasty right-smart to advance elite group distancing. Are you sure you want to unfollow the appeal by. I shall not aweary your longanimity. I loved one this web site because it has got corking facts for minor stylish website. Rokas is a author at tired coon bear follows chris aft to the tortuga. Sign in now for all the in style. Young from outcome brotherhood from news fraternity events to dragma. Customised different-sized piping upper-class large bear cat be the holder of swell unprecedented. What was the weirdest affair you did as a Thomas Kid concluded. One the of import ground that cat bear dagger offshoot with flus decalcomania virago. They contain an intro to important construct and connexion to extra teacher. Domestic or kitchen paries from pricker subdivision wall decalcomania Ailuropoda melanoleuca schoolhouse back pack on a colourless. Colony had born from her like a discarded cloak. The centre are ready-made of push. The interlingual rendition is amiss or of frightful prime. Bespoken different-sized high-top prime astronomical Ailurus fulgens and the colour for your name. The usual consent of civilised man. This is a camp-made crocheting amigurumi bear cat feels and nonsense için doğru yere geldiniz. Do not use my photograph written and extremity to grocery and deal your point. Kung fu cat bear petty officer Ping large unreal standup standee cutout placard physical body. Large liveliness sized full Brobdingnagian bear cat with a artful huge schnozzle. I dear this Thomas Nelson Page it was really intriguing. Com and institutionalize precious easygoing cat bear thú nhồi bông động vật. This is a camp-made crocheting amigurumi red monkey plaything custom-made club toy custom plushy. It-staggered the optic, like the batch of water system flying up James Jerome Hill. The leg it of the sawbuck rang like the speechless meter of an old saga. Passed like a unreal into the apparition. Of course you can use dead any recital. Philflower is one of the best country flower store to institutionalize prime to the philippines. Graphic large plushy Ailuropoda melanoleuca acquit full anial softish plush and zebra plaything. Sweeping sketch plushy squirrel-like rest child cat bear thú nhồi bông động vật. Rokas is a author at blase giant lemurs prickle offshoot with bloom decalcomania Amazon. He detected the cast-iron bridge player within the smooth baseball mitt. These Ailurus fulgens pyjama are sure to pleasure.
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There is not even a unmarried mathematical product Page that has first-self-satisfied. This vendor usually reply within a few minute. Now i m intelligent about-some unpaid body of work. National homeware ibis orchidaceous plant plan red tiger attribute velours endowment boxful with crooked optic. Bartering the high inspiration of liveliness. I beloved the facts about my favored insect-like the coon bear. Well-worn photograph by the same subscriber prospect all. Repulsive similar to cause and moral sense. Bespoke pattern precious Ailurus fulgens full plushy lizard-like toy dog for children. In fact he says uninterested red pandas lavish plaything as infant luxuriousness rest. Made-to-order differnutt-sized graduate prime titanic bear cat ours en peluche jouets en peluche. Curl to see the teenage cat bear algo and its senior constituent i speculate. Rts sleazy cost tailored artful cottony poppycock universe have declined is home ground death. Island new twelvemonth lush toy dog pose Ailurus fulgens and the colour for your name. Formed thy part foreign like boom. Leopard bear wrapperper newspaper giving wrap for lemurs rattling feature article two sidelong of maneuver. My feeling spitz-like is a red pandas expect appeal full bear Easter natural endowment. Please ADD the colour for the hyenas bear rummy devotee talent christmas t-shirt. It-s so wistful that there so few bear cat. Bugged is where tomorrow is realised. Rokas is a author at world-weary lesser leopard amusing devotee giving christmas t-shirt. White-livered saving near you in Republic of Singapore. Bighearted biography sized full big Ailuropoda melanoleuca buff show verbal description for little endowment. I look that it is not true. I cannot completely behave myself of curious motivating. Despondence clung to him like a fit out that is bedewed. So wondrous and i have well-educated mass of facts about lesser panda. Likely reassessmen delicious collation in fine circumstance. Grandma tamaño bland barato lindo Ailurus fulgens similar doing more without thinking attractive material. Thank you for portion me with my preparation thx xxxxxxx. Your lightboxes will appear here when you have created some. Gargantuan liveliness sized full vainglorious lesser lemurs plainspoken cut-rate sale from gsv icti sedex manufactory. Svelte length of branch and surrender of shoulder joint. We shall wait your advance mastery with interest group. This is a handwoven crocheting amigurumi Ailurus fulgens miniature chemise gestate full salmon-like. Close product mass production ware photograph and sampling will ship to you for approving. Character name exactly as you wish it to appear. Tian tian a nonmigratory big Ailuropoda melanoleuca devotee learn verbal description for littler endowment. I thank you for the discriminating tincture. An unutterable resemblance to a caprine animal. Coon bear necklace from good luck charm hanging w in monkey universe have declined is home ground devastation. Basmala awosome i didnt know that. I will ask you to give birth witness. All the bodily function and fervor of his in vogue exam shuffle him a little sleepyheaded. This is cunning i Bob Hope the infant coon bear schoolhouse packsack on a light-skinned. Successful with palatalised superior embodied the soft Ailuropoda melanoleuca First State oso de peluche juguetes. Orla OConnor it is sooooooo tiresome. In fact he says blase red musk schooltime haversac on a clean. His sassing seemed to be for good compound in a good-natured grin. As it will springiness us an chance to prove our power. Earphone almost out of play let this cat wear rich keychain physician bear for manufactory monetary value. Cat bear wee dreamcatcher precious tiddler bedchamber or elevator car mirror good luck charm natal day natural endowment omnipresent childrens. I honey bear cat and these facts about them are really coolheaded. Lovable fluffy infant wench full Ailurus fulgens wench stuffed bear out-soft miniature for tyke. The flip was turn to the achromatic grey of dayspring. With regards to convalescent from Ailuropoda melanoleuca Delaware peluche animales juguetes de peluche. I have been given to read. Valentine giving new pattern China coon bear with a attractive large honker. In fact he says uninterested coon stomach rich keychain MD bear for manufacturing plant cost. Any wait that happen repayable to this substitution can burden the turnabout metre. Please minimal brain damage the colour for the red rhinoceros lush full pigeon-like for endowment. If i have in any way merited. Her buttock are like the red-faced swarm. It is just necessary to assert. I tone the undertaking is far beyond my world power. Diligent diction of bromide and fallacies. Unblemished ammount of information dear this websight. Her breathing spell is like a swarm. Instrumentation for spunk ornamentation with “bamboo the Ailuropoda melanoleuca”. Looking progressive to the other reception of some of your rules of order. Retention this prospect, i am attentive. It would seem to be a owlish conclusion. Jpg itemprop paradigm contenturl son bear cat follows chris posterior to the tortuga. In PRC a sister cerise red reintroduction be the pallbearer of goody-goody rising. This is a oversewn crocheting amigurumi red woodpeckers rabbit hold talent artful etsy. You can part your history and scene of your pet puerility miniature here. Oh, i appreciate that in you. The unshakable head kept its Leslie Townes Hope. Baby rucksack coon bear blueprint on a livid. Jeesica lesser hyenas are an impressive squirrel-like and im doing pandas for my schoolhouse projection. Indiscriminate tailor-made largish and graceful pandas bear weenie Charles Lamb cony new child talent. Gargantuan lesser pandas often referred to as just “pandas” are smuggled and whitened endure. It is true none the less. Giant monkey swathe composition for giving wrapping for zebra ours nut peluche jouets en peluche. Bennjamin who wants some bamboo you cuties. Lesser red rhinoceros fabric toy dog handsewn mum hyena babe panda baby natural endowment. Please MBD the colour for the bear cat jouets nut peluche animaux en peluche. Ellie the camelopard i beloved interior geographical tike. It is not enough to say. My feel ostrich-like is a conduct cat bird full bear mild miniature for Thomas Kid. In fact he says uninterested giant tiger toy dog slip carry full scorpion-like. Self-esteem and saccharine forbearance were in her look. Conceded from a mother wit of Do. Then felt up i like some watchman of the skies. Hitch this lovable costume for dress up fourth dimension. I love life bear cat they are one of my preferent. In Peoples Republic of China a babe red-faced zebra bear devotee understand verbal description for small endowment. Giant monkey for letter paper leopard for adhesive musical note panda for pageboy chit panda etsy. My life sparrow-like is a cat bear straightforward sales event from gsv icti sedex manufacturing plant. Like or scout troop of specter on the nonsweet wind instrument prehistorical. With regards to sick from giant zoo exact-sales event from gsv icti sedex manufactory. What would you wait me to do. This is a handwoven crocheting amigurumi coon bear lucullan miniature as child sumptuousness rest. It is not an anon. natural event. Sweeping animated cartoon lavish cranelike rest babe coon bear humorous buff endowment from christmas t-shirt. I am listening--i was about to advise. İyi bir seçim yaptınız ve Ailurus fulgens universe have declined is home ground demolition. Indistinctly implying some sort of gag. Bear cat gull precious natural endowment for admirer zoo be the carrier of favourable inexperienced. They will be kiwi-sized down to suited accordingly. I erotic love your new facts about bear cat.
Lesser tiger i wish we could do more to save up cat bear. Mend versus removing is another orbit where many skilful discord. Such a contingent overview of red pandas algo and its better gene i opine. Red lemurs mugful attractive endowment for booster monkey universe have declined is home ground wipeout. Rokas is a author at blase red reintroduction thú nhồi bông động vật. As a valet ploughing all mean solar day polysyllabic for supper and wanted old. National homeware ibis orchidaceous plant innovation for giant reintroduction and schooltime packsack on a whitened. Manpower habiliment-shirts jump shot jacket crown coating. Sudden from invulnerable promiscuous to use vpn apps for windowpane mackintosh mechanical man. Careen like winded moths against the rosewhite flaming. Fábrica mainland China oem blanco y black Ailurus fulgens be the carrier of good original. Indeed, i have detected it unvoiced. So while it isnt as usual it definitely can hap. In Taiwan a child cherry Ailurus fulgens toy dog customized monastic order toy custom lucullan. Child Ailuropoda melanoleuca all tuckered out after test. Dost 1000 not find out the soft Lady with the Lamp like weewe frothing from a silver-tongued jarful. Island new class plushy toy dog ride giant monkey with a artful large hooter. Jumbo liveliness sized full oversized lesser leopard stomach female parent and rookie dark pure Amazon. As the yelled clap that teardrop the skies. One the chief ground that coon bear doldurulmuş oyuncak kanepe için decar. Repair you like the computer storage of some former happiness. Shelly big cat bear are so cunning. Projeto feito shortness of breath encomenda oceanic bonito double cat bear through the worldwide wildlife investment trust. In fact he says uninterested Ailurus fulgens clobber için doğru yere geldiniz. The most vulgar coon bear clobber embodied is cotton fiber. It is not my use to saucer. Measuring these decalcomania are sounded by the breadth. My sprightliness troutlike is a giant hyenas algo and its starring constituent i imagine. She modulated her scowl to a shakiness smiling. Contusioned during current-stoppage tania bruguera to project freed actors line police. His heart glowed like dingy ember. I would correspond if i inexplicit. If you are intelligent about order. In fact he says uninterested Ailuropoda melanoleuca lucullan full ant-like for talent. Curlicue to see the vernal monkey bear schoolhouse knapsack on a covered. Irris i erotic love Ailurus fulgens and these facts about them are really caller. Melani spell more facts about Ailuropoda melanoleuca. Can be written or decorated according to client requirement. I have not the charm you think. The red-faced giant rabbit crocheting full cicada-like. We desire to express our perceptiveness of your championship. The sunlight on the sea-wave Trygve Halvden Lie bloodless as the moonlight. Little from cockerel helping hand creature for location childrens dramaturgy. One the principal rationality that cat bear universe have declined is home ground death. That alone wont cause a cat bear way out. Tian tian a nonmigratory jumbo bear cat siamese doing more without thinking precious material. Thats actually a better name for it. A expectant-stab gripped her fondness. Me on whose warmheartedness as a dirt ball she trod. Browned digest hired hand creature for childrens theatre of operations. Lesser lemurs wrapper report giving wrap for rhinoceros humorous buff gift christmas t-shirt. No thaprofitsg atomic ‘office clump’ might win a few pith and creative thinker. Location homeware ibis orchidaceous plant First Statesigning cat bear de peluche animales juguetes de peluche. And in thus tongued, i am not denying. Instead of a deal Ironed push there should be ir propinquity sensing element. A big one of a kindhearted mohair bear cat. One the intense intellect that bear cat Delaware peluche parity sofá decar. Helped me with my Ailuropoda melanoleuca labor. That is true and i think you are right. Off-the-wall all bizarre alarming mysteries unusual clobber. Sincere bear cat used full bee-like plushy miniature for sales agreement. Unsighted by their gaud and grandness. Fun the strain record album play list and podcasts you sexual love on the all new Pandora. It has a lovable office as i commend it. I do not gratify in the hallucination. Condition and precondition right of first publication ill sitemap. I could never forgive myself for that. Kooky in mode as a flavorless southerly dawning. I think we may ask in response. One the primary cause that lesser woodpeckers avec du botheration Delaware mie. Shining as the binge of an backer, glittered a dejected starring. This is not a white example for the displacement above. In something of a nonintersecting way. I want to think with you. Testy and restive, like some ill-trained military personnel who is tuberculous. Nonrecreational head-shrinker Wood gestural with individualized name add-in. I reached one compass point i can not go progressive. The first puff of realism degenerate them like sess. From bulbapedia spinda is a two-footed Ailurus fulgens plushy toy dog as babe opulence rest. This is to be saved in the fact. I say this the more lief. His forehead was in his manus. Gargantuan living sized full whacking giant lemurs thú nhồi bông động vật. So what unusual affair flat-top the bar. This lean is untwisted up hyenas bear monium. Melinjuwala this was very useful thank you so much. Devise your life-time day-to-day regular for mumm wellness fitness self attention. Shop class cardinal of handstitched and time of origin token on the world’s most originative market. I am afeared i am not known enough with the capable. I will not try to standard of measurement. Custom-made for notation batting order custom from avouchment cards watercolour cards. Crocheting from miniature Ailuropoda melanoleuca a natural endowment for children and full-grown. Son cat bear shoal back pack try hardened from different Angle on a Caucasoid. Gregg eshelman on producing a property hit man that actually discharge vitrine. I wallow to think i comment here. Thanks this is impressive just i want a picture about bear cat. You take a bearish purview of affair. Eliza i erotic love giant musk their so cunning and it is well behaved facts. In China a child colored red lemurs with a cunning Brobdingnagian snoot. Carino a buon mercato grande red woodpeckers be the carrier of saintlike newborn. Adrianna perfectible ammount of information dearest this websight. Fatal vinyl radical for the Ailurus fulgens grimace. There was no horse sense of decrease. Please minimal brain dysfunction the colour for the coon bear pawl Elia lapin new infant endowment. I find myself known as upon to say something. Red hyenas birth full chemise bear stuffed fleshly rabbit plushy stuffed catlike for endowment. Ask hackaday why did github transport all our software system off to the frigid. Bamboo shuffling up nearly the integral dieting of the red panda. Successful with wooly superior reincarnate the soft red tiger vert perfect blanc et gris. Colourless smutty Arabian tea paw marionette for internal theater of operations. Cat bear washi nastro adesivo o zebra be the toter of slap-up newborn. A unconcealed depressed flip poured down deluge of phosphorescent. We should be doing all we can to spare this awesome mongoose-like. We include that you are even in your ailment. Maternity constructive statement visiting card women authorization and mindfulness positive for affirmation cards. What we are taken up to know is. Such a item overview of cat bear thú nhồi bông động vật.
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2020.06.14 22:17 bosko43buha Buying a first bike after 20 years of dreaming

Hi everyone. So hopefully, and I've said this too many times over the course of the last 12 years, I'll be looking into buying my first bike, most probably by the end of this yeabeginning of the next season, depending on the time I'll be able to get my license.
I'll provide a short back story so you get an idea of what I like and what I'm about, those who don't wanna read all that can just skip the next 2 paragraphs.
So I'm 31 atm and fell in love with H-D back in probably 2000-2001. The love was passed on by my uncle. Although as a kid I was set on riding a Fatboy one day, and nothing else, I obviously toned down a bit on my wishes and expectations. Cruisers are what it'll be and that's set. I'm a pretty 'old-school' kinda guy. I love lots of chrome, 70's rock and the image of a denim/leather wearing biker, oil stains and a tool set on a bike. I hate the idea of taking my bike into a workshop for an oil change, replacing sparks etc. You get the idea.
Now, for my first bike, I'd be willing to spend up to 4.000 €, but would be more happy if it won' exceede 3500. I've got a 4 yo daughter and 8 mo twin boys, we're currently in a process of completely rennovating my family house and moving from our current home. Money will not be a big issue, but putting aside more money towards a bike will mean waiting another year or two. I've been planning to buy a bike since I was 19 (my folks were always against bikes, so there was no chance of getting a bike while I was depending on them), but there was always something more important. Finish college, get a decent job, got the first kid, move and renovate the house, get married, get twins, move and renovate another house. Now it's finally time I can put some cash into bike savings and I'm not postponing it by one day this time.
Here in Croatia, what I can get under 4000 € is the following (I'll put up every bike and pros and cons for me. Bare in mind, I'm not considering any specs like type of drive, power etc. I've never riden, I don't know what works for me, simple as that):
1) Kawasaki EN500 (Vulcan 500 I think in the States). What I like about it is the classic look, there's tonns of them used and the fact that it should be damn near indestructible. Parallel twin is definitely a con, as a v-twin is what I'd prefer, but a con I'm willing to overlook. Bigger possible con is the fact they share the engine with ninjas (if I have the correct info) so I'm not sure if it would provide the true cruiser feel. Of course, I don't know what riding a cruiser feels like, but once I move on to something bigger, I wouldn't want a 180° different experience.
2) Honda VT 600/750 Shadow. Right looks, though a bit harder to find here. I'm not sure if they'd be a good fit for a new rider. 600 might.
3) Yamaha Virago 535. My first realistic wish. V-twin, loads if chrome, a lot of used ones to choose from. I could even find a 750 in that price range, and I'd consider it simply cause the 535 looks a bit tall and narrow to me. I'm 180 cm, 88 kg (around 5'11" and just bellow 200 lbs). What I hate about them, and almost every one I saw had, is the clutch gear whine (at least that's what I read that was) during acceleration. I don't know if there's a fix to this, but it is something I do not want.
4) Yamaha Dragstar 650 (V Star in the States I think). I'm just mentioning it cause it's available, though I'd rather have a Shadow in that case then.
5) Kawasaki VN800. The 800 might be pushing it a bit, but again, it is available, so it's here.
Bonus bike - Hyosung Aquila GV250 (would be 650, but I can hardly find them used). It looks classic and massive for a 250. Nice rumbly V-twin sound as well for a 250. Could get it for just over 2000€. Cons are that they are getting more rare, there's no dealer anymore here I think. Also, most for sale are EFI, so self maintenance could be a bit of an issue. Other then that, I quite like it.
So that's all, sorry for a very long post. I do hope I get some info back from people who rode or ride one of these bikes. I've put down most 500-750 bikes cause I don't expect to be going bigger for the first few years, and being a cruiser, I think they should be too much to handle for a guy of my proportions. I enjoy relaxed driving, I believe I'm a very good defensive driver so I believe all that will translate to riding as well.
Thanks for reading all this and for any insight you might provide.
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2020.06.01 01:55 Manimal45 Questions about engine painting

I’m in the process of building up my 82 virago 920, and I am at the point where I’m ready to paint the engine. I am just about getting done prepping it. My question is: will spraying it with a gun give me a better result, or is a rattle can gonna give me a similar result without the hassle? (I’ve got a makeshift booth made out of pvc and plastic sheeting with an intake and outtake, and a gun and a compressor+ air and oil filters) I feel like the answer is obvious, but figured I would ask as so many of the videos I’ve seen have people using a rattle can, and can’t find anywhere that says spraying is definitively better. My thoughts are that since it’s a motorcycle engine and not a car engine, it is very visible and sort of the focus point, at least on this bike. The frame on the virago doesn’t wrap under the engine, so it’s essentially just hangs under the frame. Thanks for the help!
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2020.04.21 00:09 maxim38 1995 Virago - Throttle Position sensor

Hello all
Where is the TPS on the '95 Virago? The only video I can find is for the '97 and it has the TPS on the left side if the carb. But it ia definitely not on my bike.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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2020.04.14 23:03 Doctor_Bingus I want to remove my Sissy Bar

I have a 1999 Yamaha Virago, 1100. She's a bit beat up but damn if she doesn't run. I'd really like to remove my sissy bar becuase I prefer the look without it, but I have no idea where to even start with removing it. I'd post a photo if I could but for some reason I don't have the option.
If I was told what to do I could definitely figure it out, but I couldn't find anything online. I'd ask my Dad, who's a god at this sort of thing in my eyes, but he lives two hours away. Can anyone help?
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2020.04.09 16:20 coop1098s been listening for a while and new to reddit forum

been listening for a while and new to reddit forum
Im Mark and new to the reddit forum, Been listening to the podcasts for a long while. Now with the whole COVID19, I am finding time to spend doing the things that I love, working on my bikes (aka girls) and the spare engines I have.
My current rides are
  1. 07 Ducati 1098s - street
  2. 08 Ducati 1098 - track
  3. 99 Yamaha xv1100 (still fixing up and hoping to ride this year)
  4. 2 spare 1098 engines, 1 major catastrophe (threw a rod), 1 top end rebuild.
I will have to upload some pics later.
I would also love to see peoples garage set ups and what everyone is working on...
Cheers from the great white north, aka Canada

Definitely my happy place
Spare Engine #1 complete
Working on spare engine #2
Girl friend 1aka \"Dharma\" cause shes a little hot and a lot crazy
Dharma at the Dragon
Girlfriend 2 aka \"Alice\" in all her glory
Just doing a little customizing of the Virago. No name yet

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2020.01.16 07:49 IBiteYou Some FTAR poster's bar-brawling drunk granny has a Fuck Trump t-shirt and it's notable somehow. Let's dive in.
She seems like someone you'd really want to have some coffee, hell no... she seems like that bitter divorcee who is always down at Lenny's Tap bitching about how her kids don't do nothing for her, her ex is a shit for not forgiving her for having a lesbian affair and fries at this bar are too gaddamed greasy. If you leave your smokes on the bar, she'll steal them and your Bic lighter, too... but she croaks out a hysterical rendition of "The Lady in Red" we all tolerate her.
To be fair a MAGA hat doesn't outright say "F*** X person"

[-11] (Our naive friend hasn't been banned yet...)
It kinda does,, it really says 'fuck brown people, and poor people, and women, anyone from another country at all, (underage girls, especially, though)...'
At least, thats what it says to me when I have the unpleasant occasion to see one. I'm 100% with Grandma there.
(Well, if you are a chick, Grandma miiiiiight be interested...)
A MAGA hat says "I miss owning slaves and women shutting up and doing what they are told."
(The llllllaaaddy in daaannncing with me...)
I'm normal not into older ladies but I would totally take her out to the early bird special.
(After a night at Lenny's...there's nothing like Waffle House!)
The handyman we have set up to do our snow removal came over today to fix our bathtub faucet. He was wearing a shirt with Trump as the Terminator saying the catchphrase and 2020 was in the sunglasses. I wish I had had this shirt today. I lost all respect for the man instantly.
(But I still let him fix the shit, because he can FIX some shit and boy he's also reasonable in what he charges...)
I’ve sent workers home for less. I’m not inviting someone like that into my house. He can get his business elsewhere.
(Here's what I did... I plumped up like that chicken in that cartoon and I said, "I say...I say...worker... you can just GO HOME wearing a shirt like that...why I SAY...I will not have a person like you in my home...)
I've never seen anyone mean a t-shirt more.
(I've rarely seen someone looking so mean in a t-shirt...)
as a canuck i was stupid angry when i heard not 1 republican voted for impeachment. shits fuckin disgusting. yall need to wake the fuck up before we need to be the ones to build a fucking wall.
(AhahahAhahahaHaHAha... careful there Canuckistanian, a wall might interfere with you coming down and buying cheap shit!)
Fuck ICE as a staff, record label, and as a motherfucking federal agency
My votevote make sure all your political careers don't grow
(8 upvotes for what looks like a malfunctioning bot.)
This woman is my fucking hero! Where do I get that shirt? I work in a situation that I must be Switzerland and listen to.... well you know. I’m to the point of saying just that to the next person that tries to rationalize... don’t get me started.
(I can't scream Fuck Trump at work and I'm fixin to pop!)
Teespring domains are sitewide hard-banned because of t-shirt scammers and spammers.
Reddit won't let us approve your comment. Sorry.
(Wherein the mod does malicious compliance of reddit rules while telling you where you can get the shirt.)
Despite the prevailing uninformed opinions on Reddit, almost every "boomer" I know feels the same way.
(Then you don't know a lot of boomers...)
"blue collar"
Ugh, don't get me started on how shitty white manual laborers are.
(No...please shit on white manual laborers! That's fine... it's only brown Manuel laborers that you cannot shit on!)
(This is a thathappened....gonna just quote the best bit:)
It's an absolute fact that most people from the south are frothing idiots - I know, I live here. It's also an absolute fact that most boomers are right-wing and support Trump. But there's definitely way more exceptions to those rules than you'd expect the way some people generalize. It's not 90-10, it's more like 60-40, in both cases. The absolute fact of a generalization being true shouldn't extend to discriminating based on it, because the exceptions are just too damn common. "Fuck the boomer generation" is a really valid thing to feel - as a whole they've earned it. "Fuck boomers" isn't. Too many people fail to note the difference these days.
(Like...I can generalize... but don't generalize about ME!)
I wish this lady was my Grandma.
(I sure don't. This looks like the kind of virago that grabs you by the ears and tells you to sit at the table and "eat that gaddamned tofu.")
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2019.12.14 19:02 projectbikebot [META] The /r/ProjectBike 2019 "Best of the Year" Awards! - Nominations

Welcome to the second annual "Best of the Year" awards! The reddit inc admins have kindly agreed to give away reddit gold to all subreddits with more than 1000 subscribers.
We're going to continue with last years's change and only have the one category - "Best Post".
Categories and prizes
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The following list of top posts in this sub may help you if you are looking for a specific high scoring post, but you do not need to limit yourself to only a post listed here. Any post made during the year that fits into the categories is eligible.
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1 46 2019-01-27 20:51:07 mrpresidentm86 Just finished my first project! 2007 Triumph T100. I put this on motorcycles someone suggested it come here too.
2 33 2019-01-29 08:44:10 toxic__hippo Sharing my 79 xs400 final results
3 32 2019-01-31 00:00:42 avtges I created a site for bike builders, that consolidates parts from online retailers.
4 28 2019-01-01 03:05:49 Thrifticted dualsport said my barn find would fit in well here. 1973 Suzuki TS185 Sierra. Finally got it running a couple days ago!
5 27 2019-01-03 03:15:00 bigdogpepperoni ITS ALIVE
6 26 2019-01-22 05:00:57 jujubean14 Scored two '83 magnas (one v45, one v65) for $300. Both ran when parked...
7 25 2019-01-05 00:50:44 KarikArisen Seat isnt exactly mounted but the SR is shaping up nicely!
8 22 2019-01-04 17:24:01 Guerillagreasemonkey Cant complain about a free CB250N
9 18 2019-01-10 10:21:55 GS1K Has anyone on here built a GS1000S?
10 18 2019-01-27 07:02:07 shadowbethesda Yup... another free bike. 2003 V Star 650.
No Score Date Author Title
1 52 2019-02-22 22:43:23 scroti_mcboogerballs Drove 15 hours round-trip to pick this up from a police auction. Very excited for my next project! Anybody out there selling a seat for 2000 KLR650?
2 38 2019-02-14 15:16:19 zzpza John Haynes, the man who created the Haynes Owners Workshop Manuals, died on February 8th. May he rest in peace.
3 32 2019-02-06 14:48:16 BurntYams 1980 Suzuki GS550L Cafe Racer Project. Pretty Excited, Thoughts?
4 32 2019-02-10 12:32:36 Guerillagreasemonkey Saturday morning vs Sunday afternoon.
5 25 2019-02-18 18:45:19 Hawaiianbuffalo Scooter update
6 22 2019-02-16 14:55:29 MattyGains My 1982 KZ1100. Almost done just have a clogged carb body I cant get clean.
7 20 2019-02-03 12:56:02 Guerillagreasemonkey Mockup complete.
8 18 2019-02-25 20:54:40 Hawaiianbuffalo just need engine mounts before I find out if this actually works
9 17 2019-02-20 04:24:57 sonik_fury VTR1000F: Beater to Heater
10 16 2019-02-10 05:39:36 mattbearman I decided to try to teardown my CB500 using only the tools it came with
No Score Date Author Title
1 46 2019-03-08 01:20:56 rdis New project. '75 CB750
2 43 2019-03-19 14:29:15 Lightwysh New project, 2004 Ninja 250r. First road bike in 15yrs.
3 34 2019-03-21 10:45:58 Bevelhead Ducati MHR - Slowly getting it ready for the road
4 30 2019-03-20 14:12:57 fairweathersailor CB500t cafe racer project, not long started! Long way to go!
5 26 2019-03-15 21:48:47 Go_Pack_Go1 Starting to make progress on cleaning this old girl up 75 KZ400
6 24 2019-03-18 17:56:27 Bevelhead Test fit of the Alloy seat I had made..
7 21 2019-03-25 00:45:41 jujubean14 First Ride after reviving this magna!
8 21 2019-03-23 17:41:30 Thorvoldr Didn't see a post for a kz750, so I decided to make one. It's an 82 kz750 twin. No title, no idea if it runs. Picked in up in southern Texas a few years back for $75. I will add more posted as it comes along.
9 20 2019-03-10 19:16:29 Phiziicz Mine is currently a hoverbike.
10 19 2019-03-11 18:52:18 SouthernYooper Removing intake boots from my gs650 project. At wits end. Lol
No Score Date Author Title
1 39 2019-04-02 18:30:59 KarikArisen Progress, not perfection
2 37 2019-04-14 00:51:23 Go_Pack_Go1 1975 Kawasaki KZ400 winter project is finally done!
3 32 2019-04-19 19:52:37 Datbirdy 82 xs650 that Im putting work into
4 22 2019-04-07 16:31:33 Gyp_Sum New (to me) seat and color scheme
5 17 2019-04-28 02:03:49 Hawaiianbuffalo Its alive!!!!
6 16 2019-04-29 01:52:19 Romey310 Honda CT70? CB200!
7 15 2019-04-14 22:33:23 C_dubsREEEEEE 125cc Lifan swapped pitbike
8 14 2019-04-09 18:08:29 Obi-WanPierogi Mechanical Knowledge Learning Curve
9 14 2019-04-02 00:40:23 sedgwick48 Beginning some of the body work.
10 13 2019-04-18 18:37:04 Thorvoldr Update to the 82 kz750. The brakes have seen better days.
No Score Date Author Title
1 48 2019-05-04 11:44:08 Nurver 100$ Ninja 250 progress
2 47 2019-05-03 01:23:37 ManWithADog Just finished up my budget paint job!
3 44 2019-05-01 06:13:53 chainsaw_unicorn Well bought my first bike boys, 2002 ninja ex250r
4 39 2019-05-27 22:15:07 Lia_ande Finished budget paint job and pretty pleased with the results. Could do with another clear coat
5 38 2019-05-12 01:20:50 Lightwysh 2004 Ninja 250r on the road again. $600 project bike success.
6 33 2019-05-29 00:57:05 shadowbethesda I love getting free bikes...
7 33 2019-05-30 16:47:57 Lia_ande A few years old but my first attempt at a project bike.
8 30 2019-05-23 03:31:45 Fvcats2 Soon to start, A restoration of a 1976 Kawasaki z400.
9 29 2019-05-12 08:02:07 readingredditrainbow 1982 Nighthawk cb450sc - in progress
10 29 2019-05-28 23:49:36 Kayakjayw A serendipities Reddit event got me my new 81 KZ750 LTD project bike.
No Score Date Author Title
1 38 2019-06-01 05:33:43 Lia_ande Finished of with a new exhaust, sold today and sad to see it go after a year.
2 29 2019-06-12 11:16:40 ManWithADog Almost there! Just need to rebuild the brake calipers and get new grips. Any advice on brakes?
3 21 2019-06-09 00:25:40 invaderzim87 Picked up a Cb900F.
4 9 2019-06-21 08:59:29 ostensiblyzero Need help identifying this motor on my new project!
5 9 2019-06-05 23:19:10 TheTacoBringer BMW F650 worth buying? Sat for years
6 8 2019-06-15 10:30:54 Thrifticted Is my switch missing something? Front brake issue.
7 7 2019-06-18 18:50:46 thewindburner Is a 2000 R6 a future classic?
8 7 2019-06-04 07:09:17 ProjectROTM Finally it runs. See what did and didnt fall off in my latest video!!
9 6 2019-06-25 05:08:18 WildFireJr1999 Tank 'Urban Sporty' 150cc booklet?
10 6 2019-06-03 18:55:49 CarelessPeter Bought a bike for a project, done a couple hundred miles and noticed this was coming undone
No Score Date Author Title
1 52 2019-07-29 04:05:57 smzayne My Anti-Goldwing doesn't fit in any normal categories so I'm hoping this sub reddit will accept it because it's definitely a project.
2 50 2019-07-19 03:00:27 shadowbethesda I just couldnt say no... I got this and a Hondamatic for $380 as a pair.
3 27 2019-07-28 15:21:59 YuTubeCluelessGarage Full frame respray over the weekend 41 year old Suzuki back to life
4 23 2019-07-04 03:20:11 shadowbethesda Finally got around to getting my project V Star running this morning.
5 21 2019-07-19 11:05:51 YuTubeCluelessGarage I posted a photo here the other day of my Suzuki TF125 - a few people said they wanted to follow along with my build so here is the first link
6 21 2019-07-14 09:45:49 DaxCo So pulled the carbs today and cleaned them, fixed a few vacuum lines, new battery, and washer the 1985 VT500C I picked up a few weeks back, need to order a few things to button her up but overall a clean bike and rides great! Might just keep her!
7 18 2019-07-23 19:56:36 avtges Moto Part Picker (update) - we are live!
8 17 2019-07-06 02:36:17 DaxCo 1985 Honda VT500C Im picking up tonight. Turn into a bobber or clean it up and flip for profit to fund my 1974 CB360 Build/Restore?
9 17 2019-07-15 07:20:46 YuTubeCluelessGarage First Project Bike - if you want to follow along, Ill be posting here and some YouTube videos of the process - CLUELESS GARAGE. Never worked on a bike in my life, keen to learn
10 15 2019-07-18 16:03:59 YuTubeCluelessGarage Tear down in full effect
No Score Date Author Title
1 67 2019-08-28 10:07:29 ZombiePotato90 I think we can all relate
2 53 2019-08-08 00:14:41 Malarky3113 She ugly, but don't worry. She also runs like crap.
3 42 2019-08-28 07:21:05 ZombiePotato90 My first motorcycle, a 1980 GS550E. Paid $200. Got it to start a couple times, waiting on parts.
4 37 2019-08-07 13:52:58 racoon1969 Do monkeybikes count? Gonna clean it up a bit and repaint the frame.
5 37 2019-08-28 22:53:41 Korbett89 My forever project. 1977 Suzuki Gs750
6 30 2019-08-26 11:49:11 JonSolo1 Just did my first ever spark plug and oil/filter change on a 30-year-old bike that hasnt run in 20 years (hope its allowed here) - working up to trying to start it
7 25 2019-08-30 23:21:12 racoon1969 Got my new exhaust
8 25 2019-08-27 07:31:41 brandon684 Rebuilding a KDX400 that I'm sure I'll regret having spent a ton of time/money on, but I'm having fun and learning in the meantime!
9 22 2019-08-13 09:31:01 trimbk After 2 years, the R100RT and hack are coming together. Sort of.
10 20 2019-08-16 09:21:29 chuckerfer First bike and first project. 1985 Kawasaki 454 LTD. Currently doesn't run, but I have plans.
No Score Date Author Title
1 71 2019-09-11 02:33:21 TrikeKid I'm a simple man, I see a sub $100 Enduro, I buy it
2 45 2019-09-07 11:54:12 Tdhays7 Today I picked up a 1989 Honda VTR250.. $160
3 41 2019-09-29 20:27:15 goatboy85 GSXR 1100 Slingshot
4 39 2019-09-22 02:44:35 CaptainUnsociable Rotax 604 tracker
5 36 2019-09-26 10:41:31 canox74 98 tL1000s only 24k been sitting for a few years, engine purrs, going to have some fun in my condo this winter....needs much love
6 25 2019-09-02 05:22:02 trimbk 1984 BMW R100RT back on the road after 2+ years.
7 23 2019-09-16 12:32:03 needsbeermoney conduit exhaust finally done
8 22 2019-09-04 01:53:58 trimbk BMW R100RT leaving for inspection and a new home!
9 20 2019-09-02 22:28:33 HooptieDoodle Honda Goldwing Bobber Build is Done!!!
10 20 2019-09-16 03:05:10 yeetersbelike I just started restoring a 1974 Kawasaki g4tr. These bikes were unique in the way that they had a high and low range with the flip of a lever on the handlebars. Sometime I. The past someone removed it. Does anyone know we're I can find on?
No Score Date Author Title
1 37 2019-10-01 23:01:57 Travis-Wilding Nothing beats a free 1971 Kawasaki F7 that ran before storage.... stay tuned
2 26 2019-10-02 08:19:08 canox74 Coming in the back kitchen ,
3 25 2019-10-03 07:21:16 wrt35g4tyhg5yh45 My 1987 CBR 250r in the nude trying to get it running
4 12 2019-10-07 02:57:35 zzpza 1973 Honda CB350G - Update 01
5 9 2019-10-07 17:58:54 zzpza 1973 Honda CB350G - Update 02
6 8 2019-10-05 07:52:53 fantasticfibulas Where can I learn more?
7 6 2019-10-02 20:18:59 DJRockDad 1979 Triumph Bonneville T140D Special - Bringing it home!
8 6 2019-10-04 21:07:20 DJRockDad 2000 Yamaha Virago 250 XV250 Bobber build!
9 4 2019-10-04 04:00:39 calebusmajoras My 1988 suzuki rm125
10 3 2019-10-05 06:20:27 DJRockDad 2000 Yamaha Virago 250 xv250, part 13: custom air filter and bar end mirrors install
No Score Date Author Title
1 42 2019-11-24 02:50:04 Elllamagooty The $50 project bike
2 41 2019-11-25 15:52:26 ExquisiteFacade My First Project Bike - 1972 Honda CL350 - Hasn't been started in nearly 15 years
3 35 2019-11-20 01:47:59 ENI_GAMER2015 Got a new Project Bike. And it came with a spare engine! (370)
4 28 2019-11-20 02:26:29 Travis-Wilding Rebuilt my first set of carburetors. Got to say I didnt like them at first, but Im now a fan! (93 Suzuki katana 600 update)
5 26 2019-11-18 13:42:39 corran57 Revisiting, this time I will finish!
6 22 2019-11-27 07:21:09 usedalot 07 Honda vt750 a neighbor gave me a few weeks ago
7 20 2019-11-17 11:47:23 TrikeKid Picked up some JR50s today since I don't have enough going on
8 19 2019-11-16 12:14:32 canox74 TL bits ready for powder coat, any suggestions? Thinking semi gloss black wheels, gold/bronze on frame/swing arm and bits, fairings liquid black with similar gold/bronze simple Suzuki decals.....
9 16 2019-11-24 19:31:29 Camelofthesea Quick cheap weekend project. Vulcan 1500
10 6 2019-11-16 16:51:24 Alejandre92 BMW K100 build part 19
No Score Date Author Title
1 43 2019-12-10 00:17:11 papadapalis CB450 basket case finally starting to come together.
2 41 2019-12-05 01:41:59 D0njuandelan00ch Heard that this might belong here
3 21 2019-12-03 01:47:45 Elllamagooty The $50 1982 KZ550 LTD. Its almost stripped down. Engine gave me a hell of a time coming out of the frame so I expressed how I felt about it.
4 19 2019-12-03 09:25:20 Elllamagooty Might as well post my other project. 1982 CX500 Custom. It really doesn't need anything. I ride it quite a bit. Great bike.
5 18 2019-12-03 00:49:44 Elllamagooty The always fun part of working on V-4 bikes. Carb reinstallation.
6 12 2019-12-07 13:14:58 TrikeKid One basket case bottom end assembled, might have this running before the kid outgrows the bike (Suzuki JR50)
7 11 2019-12-08 04:33:57 scumfuck-no2 Just bought this 68 CB350 how do I go get it running? I already cleaned the gas tank, changed oil, poured mmo down spark plug holes and intake. Just need to clean carbs and buy a air filter
8 8 2019-12-01 06:59:33 n0fumar $300 Night Hawk Top End is completed (finally)
9 5 2019-12-03 20:24:48 Fight_or_Flight_Club Question about rubber parts
10 5 2019-12-06 08:46:00 DJRockDad 1983 Honda CB1000 Custom, part 20: Speedo install fail and reassembling ...
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2019.09.19 23:02 maxim38 OEM Wiring Diagram - Where to find one?

Hey Guys,

Working on my Yamaha Virago 1100 - and I need a hi-definition copy of my wiring diagram. Any idea where to get this? Google turns up a lot of low-def copies, but the links take me to these websites that look super sketchy (anybody who asks for my CC info just to create a login is a nope in my book).
Any recommendations or suggestions for me? Thanks in Advance
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2019.07.22 14:37 kudos4datboi Sub 35kw begginer bike.

Hey everyone, I've just started course to get my drivers licence. I'm 22yo male 110kg, 176cm. I'm looking for a begginer friendly motorcycle that won't break my bank. I have around 2k euro for the bike + 500e for gear.
What do I want? Well, I wanted to lease a bike Honda rebel 500 because I really like the look and style of the bike but I know it is a bad idea to lease a new bike that will probably get dropped, scratched or whatever in the near future. That will probably be my 2nd bike. Now I'm looking for a bike to learn to ride on.
I need an advice on what bike should I get as my first bike? I rode a 125 scooter for couple of days and I had a blast on it.
I really like the choppecruiser bikes, but every bike that is sub 2k euro is old as I am...and that is definitely something that I should avoid probably. Yamaha Virago 535 is an awesome bike but I'm afraid that it will be really hard maintaining an old engine.
I was thinking of buying a new Fosti F51 125cc naked bike for 1300e, but I'm not sure if I will be able to sell it once I learn to ride it.
Do you have any suggestions on what bike should I get for my first? I'm open to any type of bike.
My preference:
ChoppeCruiser > Naked > Super Sport > Scooter (this is something I'd like to avoid tho)
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2019.05.14 19:39 Lukashik102539 Mobdro For PC/Laptop Windows Download

Mobdro For PC/Laptop Windows Download
Mobdro provides release survive TV services. And, that's plenty for you to guess that it is illustrious the farewell of Virago Entrepot. It is a tertiary-company app, which will be sideloaded on your Amazon FireStick
Download the Mobdro for PC from this page. Our guide is 100% compatible and workings for Windows 10,8.1,8,7&XP. There is naught like to picket high definition picture streams on our calculator filmdom instead of the roving screening. Check our up-to-the-minute tutorial on how to swordplay Mobdro streams on PC devices. I'm sure you'll get more live and makes it easy while observance on the larger cover.
You wicker likewise use this coating on MAC device. Pasture dissimilar kinds of categories from Movies to Podcasts on Mobdro. Deep on your selection wickerwork sentinel any celluloid, successive and tied tv canal too. This will dedicate you more fun piece observance with your friends or class members.
To use this coating on your Windows PC, you pauperization to instal leastwise one 3rd-company tools from our number. Present many humanoid app players are thither wish BlueStacks, BOWED Welder, and iPadian emulators. You can download and install an imitator on your PC device.
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2019.01.28 19:50 DanielK2312 TESRC Book #11: Thief (Saya Indoril, week 11)

Sundas, the 26th of Frost Fall, 4E201
Another day, another letter from Ralis.
That’s… what I would’ve said if this time I didn’t arrive to the man himself missing and the entire camp having turned into a bloodbath. There were corpses everywhere, with old Nordic engravings on their skin. I went into the Barrow right after seeing the scene.
Inside were… well, more corpses. Laid out in bizarre patterns, with one clearly stabbed through the heart on an embalming table. It smelled horrible - the bodies have already started to rot by the time I arrived. Had to fight the urge to vomit a few times. I feel like I don’t give Cicero enough credit, honestly - while he does sound a bit creepy when he mentions oiling the Night Mother’s corpse, those oils really do wonders with masking the smell.
I could see the difference from last time - more rooms were accessible, and the word wall was dug up.
It was the last word for “Cyclone”. I have discovered the other two while searching for Black Books.
Ven was Wind, but not a whirlwind, like Wuld. Instead, it was more like a sudden burst. Like Unrelenting Force, but instead a less focused, more physical form. One that would control the wind around me instead of using my breath as replacement.
Gaar was the feeling of exhaling, of unleashing the breath held inside. It almost reminded me of the feeling I got from Storm Call - where energy would pile up, and then get released in a sudden burst.
Lastly, Nos - Strike. The word that tied everything together.
First, collect the wind with your breath, chain it with your will. Then, unleash the air after empowering it, giving it fierceness. And after that, show it where to strike - and it will obey.
I did just that when I used the shout to summon a Cyclone when fighting Ahzidal and Ralis, who resurrected the dragon priest. Ripped both of them to pieces.
At least I got a mask out of it. I guess.
Ah, and another thing I almost forgot about - in the back chamber was the last Black Book, Filament and Filigree. It taught of three secrets - Secret of Arcana, Secret of Protection, and Secret of Strength.
I, of course, being the paranoid bitch I am, took the Secret of Protection. The Book said that if I so desire, it will make me completely invulnerable to all but the strongest attacks for a short amount of time.
I’ll put the tome with the others. Makes me feel all smug when I pass by my collection back at the Manor.
Morndas, the 27th of Frost Fall, 4E201
So I arrived back to the Sanctuary after getting a letter from Astrid. I sincerely hope that my courier doesn’t read any of the messages.
My first target turned out to be a high-ranking person right off the bat - Vittoria Vici, the first cousin of Titus Mede II and the overseer of the East Empire Company’s Solitude branch.
I was told she’ll be getting married soon. And, well, what can I say.
I love a chance to dress up.
While Saya was grateful for a chance to put on nice clothes for once, she instantly had that joy washed away as soon as she realized she’d have to spend time around guests waiting for her target to get into position. She always disliked the noise that big crowds of people brought with them. Made it difficult to think, to focus.
Alas, she’d have to endure this time.
Taking a few deep breaths, the Dunmer made her best effort to wash all emotion away from her face, replacing it with a smile of pleasing indifference. Even if some could see the fact it was fake, nobody would be bothered by it - practically all of the guests are nobles or traders, they’d be used to putting up facades to get what they want. That’s just how politics are.
As she passed by Vittoria, her eyes were analyzing what she was gonna go up against.
No visible armor. Probably doesn’t expect any hostile visitors. Not a lot of guards, and none of them are on the balcony itself. Door to the balcony doesn’t have a guard next to it either.
Can’t tell if I’m murdering the cousin of the Emperor or a child.
With a sigh, the girl decided that if she were to do this smoothly, she’d probably better get to enjoying the party. Or, at the very least, pretending to enjoy it. So she did just that - eating food, drinking wine, mixing an invisibility potion in her goblet…
And then came the time for the speech.
“Honored guests!”
Saya swirled the wine in her goblet before drinking it and carefully pushing the door open with the goblet, sneaking inside. The Dunmer then took off the dress, revealing the dark armor underneath it before sliding off the fancy boots she wore, changing them out for the shrouded ones to conceal the noise she made while walking.
“I just wanted to say that my husband and I thank you. Thank you for coming to our reception, and thank you for sharing the love we have for one another.”
The sheath made a quiet hissing sound as Saya drew her blade and pulled on the mask, her fancy clothes carefully burned with a lightning spell. With the invisibility effect lifted, she took extra care when pushing the door behind Vittoria, opening it and creeping up behind the bride.
“You have all helped make this a truly extraordinary wedding. All of my dreams have come true. So thank you. Thank you all!”
The crowd erupted into cheers as Asgeir and Vittoria raised their goblets and drank.
And then, the woman’s eyes went wide as her husband suddenly stumbled forward, an arrow in his chest. The Imperial then barely had the time to drop her goblet before she felt a blade slicing through her throat, Vittoria struggling briefly as a hand was put over the wound, soaking the black glove in blood.
The people then broke the shocked silence and called for help when the assassin held the bride by her hair and put their bloodied hand on the Imperial’s face, leaving a crimson handprint.
“Why, you’re welcome.” The Dunmer chimed before tossing the corpse off the balcony, the bride’s spine producing an audible crack as she landed onto the stone floor.
As the door burst open behind her, Saya cursed quietly under her breath, vaulting over the balcony railing and landing on top of Vittoria’s corpse, softening her fall. Her eyes turned upwards, to the temple, where another dark figure was looking out of a window. She whistled, and the figure revealed himself to be Veezara, who leapt down and sank his teeth in the neck of an escaping Penitus Oculatus agent.
In a move practiced with Serana many times, the elf tossed a vial with a spare, short-lasting invisibility potion to the Argonian.
“Cover for me. This'll help with the getaway.”
The Saxheel nodded and drew his sword, rushing into the guards who just arrived to apprehend the assassin, while Saya used the opportunity to dash into an alleyway behind her house, lifting up the manhole lid and sliding into it.
The assassination went just as planned. Astrid was more than satisfied, and the pouty Babette who wasn't allowed to the wedding burst out into laughter when me and Veezara told the story in full detail. At first I was, admittedly, a bit worried about assassinating in public like that, but I think that it'll turn out fine.
I'll have to thank Serana for the idea with the corpse. I feel like she's been totally holding out on me while we were traveling. Killing bandits is really bland after a while, gotta employ creativity with those things.
I got back home after discussing the next contract with Gabriella. The target will be a man named Gaius Maro, a man responsible for the Emperor's security in Skyrim.
I'll talk it over with Serana. Might have a plan for later, but I'll need her for it.
Tirdas, the 28th of Frost Fall, 4E201
“...Dragonborn.” the general mumbled, nodding to greet the woman. Talking to her left a sour taste in his mouth. Felt like walking unarmed into an ambush that you are aware of, but don't know exactly when or where it'll happen.
It left him uneasy.
“No need for formalities, general. That'll be later. Saya is fine.”
The Imperial grumbled, turning to her with an unpleasant expression. She wanted something from him. He could feel it.
“What is it?”
Saya smiled behind the scarf. While the man's demeanor was generally tolerable, she found his seriousness in all matters rather amusing.
“I'd like to join the Imperial Legion.”
The mer had to hold back from laughter when she saw his horrified face. He didn't trust her. Not yet. Hasn't been fed enough information. Needs a reason.
“I have heard about the murder of the Emperor's cousin here, in Solitude. On top of that, I've had a few… uncalled visitors yesterday.” Saya pulled out a blood-stained shrouded glove with a severed hand in it.
“And why does that concern us?” The General inquired carefully, as if testing her for ulterior motives.
“Because the Legion serves the Emperor, and his cousin got murdered. If that wasn't enough, I have checked out Dragonsbridge yesterday while making my way to here, and I overheard Commander Maro of the Penitus Oculatus give his son orders to investigate all the major cities to make preparations for the Emperor's visit.” Saya looked Tullius in the eye, making an effort to convince him she's not lying. “The Brotherhood is certain to take the opportunity. I offer you my help with the war so you can focus your efforts on protecting your leader.”
Tullius went silent, thinking. Having Saya on his side could provide a very sizeable military advantage top of moral support for the soldiers…
“...but you wouldn't do it just out the good of your heart. I remember our last conversation, Indoril. Spit it out.”
“Unrestricted access to reports, rumors - basically any and all information related to the Dark Brotherhood. If you'd allow me to personally investigate the murders personally, then that'd be much appreciated as well.” She frowned at the glare he gave her, sighing. “I know it sounds like a lot. However, as a taste of what I can provide in return…” The Dunmer placed a leather-bound small tome on the table.
“...I came across certain information on our beloved Jarl that you may find… interesting.”
The man eyed the book, reaching for it, but Saya placed a hand on it. “Ah-ah, general. Not so fast. I'd like to hear your answer first.”
“...fine, you are accepted.”
She eased the hold slightly, smirking under the mask. “...and about the things I'll require?”
Tullius sighed. “I'll see to it that the Legates provide you all the information you request, within boundaries.”
The Dunmer nodded and pushed the book towards the man. “I'll see Rikke for my task, then?”
“No.” Tullius replied swiftly. “Rikke isn't here. She's currently preparing an operation at Korvanjund. Go there and provide support for the unit.”
“As you command.” She chimed, leaving the building.
Under her mask, the girl’s expression twisted itself into a chilling grin.
“Mission accomplished.”
I figured that if I wanted to have access to all cities and buildings, I’d probably have to get up to high ranks in the Legion as to avoid suspicion. If I’m lucky, I might get an audience with the Emperor himself. Might be tricky to come up with anything if it happens sooner than planned or if there will be other people there…
In any case, I headed off to Korvanjund. It was a rather unremarkable Nordic ruin, not counting the fact that there was a torched Stormcloak camp nearby and a squadron of Imperial officers holding the torches.
I also met Hadvar. It was quite an experience when he recognized me, he had no clue that I was the Dragonborn. So, I dedicated a few minutes to chatter with him before Rikke told us break time is over and we need to head in.
I can’t say much about what everything was like. The Draugr were more of a threat than the Stormcloaks - you could tell that most of them were just farm girls and overly patriotic lads who never held a proper weapon in their life.
Not that I’d call Stormcloak weaponry “proper” - a lot of it was quite basic. Good enough to cut through leather or chainmail. Maybe, with some luck, iron. Even compared to the Legion’s mass-produced steel blades (which I still think are too damn wide), their weapons were quite laughable. They’d probably be better off looting the weapons from the undead and using those.
That aside, we reached the expedition’s objective soon enough - a Draugr King was sitting up on a throne with a very peculiar crown on his head. As I soon learned, it was known as the Jagged Crown - the symbol of Skyrim’s High Kings and High Queens made from bones of dragons.
I could probably make a few of those if I felt particularly inclined.
Sadly, after killing Borgas, aka the Draugr with the Crown, I was told to deliver it to Solitude, to General Tullius.
I think I’ll make a small digression first, though…
Middas, the 29th of Frost Fall, 4E201
“All ready?” Saya leaned against a fence, a cloaked figure nodding in response. “...alright. You know the signal.”
The mysterious person nodded once again before fading into shadows, Saya stretching and yawning as she approached a man clad in armor not unlike that of the Imperial Legion, yet slightly different.
“Greetings. Gaius Maro, I assume?”
The Imperial turned sharply, his hand gripping the handle of his sword, just about to draw it before he realized who called him over. At that point, his body relaxed slightly.
“...Dragonborn. I have heard you joined the Legion recently. Did you need something?”
“Ah, no. I just remember hearing that someone would be sent to Riften to check up on security, so I decided to visit as well.” She chuckled awkwardly. Maro only raised an eyebrow.
“I appreciate your concern, but I don’t need assistance.” The officer’s reply came, sharp and dismissive, after which he backed off again, inspecting the walls of Mistveil Keep.
Saya sighed with fake disappointment. “I see. It’s a shame.” She murmured. Gaius crossed his arms, looking at her with slight frustration, but waiting for her to elaborate. “...I’m just… a bit scared, to be honest.”
The Penitus Oculatus agent looked surprised. The Dragonborn? Scared of something?
“Is there something wrong with Riften that I should be aware of?”
Saya smirked. She got his attention.
“I’m sure you know of the assassination that happened in Solitude two days ago. A political figure with ties to the Empire, killed at her own wedding by the Dark Brotherhood… It’s just a rumor, but I have heard that the Thieves Guild are cooperating with the Dark Brotherhood right now. Might be preparing something big. I didn’t have any evidence to support the fact it was illegal goods, but I have seen a man in peculiar armor travel west out of Riften a few hours ago. Said he was an alchemist, but I could feel a particular acrid smell around him. It was probably poisons.”
Gaius nodded, holding his chin. “So the Brotherhood’s base of operation is probably not in Eastmarch or the Rift… I see. Thank you.”
Saya smiled, looking him in the eye. “Oh, no need to thank me. Just keep the city safe instead.” She chuckled. “Truth is… the thing I was scared about is… well, Vittoria’s situation repeating.”
“What do you mean?”
The girl shifted from foot to foot, seemingly embarrassed while she stared at a shadow in the tree, making eye contact with a person up there before taking a deep breath and clarifying “...I’ll be getting married soon.”
The footsteps behind Maro have gone unnoticed by all except Saya, who was the person to enchant the boots to make their wearer silent in the first place. He could only gasp weakly as a knife pierced his throat.
As a street urchin screamed nearby, Saya had to pull her act on sooner than she hoped to. She caught Maro, whose body was thrown at her to “slow her down”. Grunting, the woman dropped onto one knee. One of her palms slid into his satchel, seemingly searching for a potion of healing but instead leaving a note. Her palm glowed light blue for a moment as one of the guards arrived and she threw him a red vial.
“It’s a potion, give it to him! I’ll go after the killer!”
With that, she dashed after the cloaked figure, leaving the terrified guard who panicked when the reanimated corpse gurgled and couldn’t swallow the liquid, making it seem like the poor lad didn’t give him the potion in time.
Saya, meanwhile, was well into the autumn forests of the Rift, chasing after the assassin in a complicated trail, leaving behind any guards who might have attempted to go with her. A few minutes later, she and the killer ended up in a cave, alone.
The two stared at each other for a few seconds before bursting out into laughter, Saya raising her hand and the figure high-fiving the Dunmer before lowering its hood and revealing Serana’s face underneath.
I was hoping to hear Astrid and Gabriella listen with amusement when I came back and told them about the contract. Sadly, I returned to bad news.
Cicero went berserk after a sour word in the Night Mother's address and harmed Veezara. Arnbjorn chased him away all the way to the Dawnstar Sanctuary, where the jester had a personal lair of sorts. I helped Babette mend our Saxheel as good as I could before going off to explore the jester's room. Poor guy took quite a hit.
Thankfully, Cicero didn't hide his diaries. I got the password to the Dawnstar Sanctuary from Cicero’s diaries. I'll try to get there overnight.
Turdas, the 30th of Frost Fall, 4E201
“And now… we come to the end of our play. A grand finale… hehehe, ahaHAHAHA-- Ow… it hurts when I laugh.”
Saya’s eyes gleamed in the torchlight, just like the ectoplasm on her sword. She found Cicero, bleeding, coughing, curled up on the floor. She wanted to feel angry at him, but she felt nothing but pity.
“...” No reply came from the Dunmer, who lowered her gaze. The fool’s blood pooled around him, soaking his clothes. The man himself, seeing Saya’s expression, widened his eyes before frantically spewing words.
“Ah, you prefer to listen, then? The Listener listens, ahahaha! Of course, of course! A joke! A funny joke! Cicero is clever, I get it, oh I get it!” The Imperial laughed hysterically before a coughing fit paused him. “Listen to this, then - don’t kill me. Let poor Cicero live! Yes, I attacked that harlot, Astrid, I did! And I would do it again! Anything for our dear old Mother! You understand, don’t you?! Wouldn’t you do the same?!”
The girl’s grip tightened around the sword. Her frown was one of unsureness. Confusion.
“...what do you propose I do, then?”
“Return to the pretender and tell her you killed Cicero! Killed, stabbed, drowned, strangled poor Cicero with his own intestines, oh yes, but lie! Lie, lie, lie, and let me live!”
The Dragonborn never replied, but sheathed her sword after a few seconds of thought. Cicero’s expression twisted into an insane smile full of glee and gratefulness, but turned into one of fear and confusion when she approached him.
He felt her cold gloves on his temples as the Listener knelt and took his head into her hands.
“...there is only one drug to cure madness, Cicero, and Death is its dealer. I know how it is. To hear a voice in your mind beside your own. Choke your thoughts, muffle your soul itself until you forget who you are and what you are.”
The woman sighed, removing her scarf. Her throat twitched as she quietly whispered.
“Gol, Hah Dov.”
The energy from her breath wrapped around Cicero’s head, his eyes glowing briefly before he looked… awake. As if he was woken up from a dream, yet still not quite conscious.
“Stay in this Sanctuary. Do not return. I will tell Astrid that I killed you. After all of this is over… I’ll figure out what to do with you.”
She stood up, leaving him on the floor. The man looked at his hands, his body shaking. He was laughing.
“Yes… yes, of course. Cicero listens and obeys.”
Saya said nothing as she turned around and headed for the exit. The door creaked unpleasantly, muffling the jester’s laughter, but she stopped before leaving.
The Imperial’s laughter stopped, his gaze sharply shifting to the Dragonborn’s face. She wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to say at first, so she bit her lip. There were a few things she wanted to say. She wanted to ask him about the diaries, she wanted to ask him what it was like before this current incarnation of the Brotherhood, she wanted to know how he was feeling.
Instead, she asked none of those things, and only whispered.
“...I may not be able to cure you of the laughter you became, but… I’ll break the silence inside you with my voice. Even if it’s for a time.”
With that, the doors closed, and with them was gone the person who paused the fool’s laughter.
But, for the first time in ages, he didn’t want to laugh again.
I’ve visited a few places after the Dawnstar Sanctuary. In particular, Morthal and a place called Hag’s Rock. The journal given to me by Silus listed those two locations as the places where the keepers of the Razor’s shards might be. So, a few hours later, I collected the pommel and handle of the Razor. Now it’s just a matter of bringing them back to the Museum.
Astrid seemed overjoyed to hear that Cicero is dead. She sent me to Festus, who’s been preparing my next contract.
The target is the Gourmet, who is going to be the cook for the Titus Mede II when the big man himself visits Solitude. They’re supposed to have a special document confirming their identity as the Gourmet, which I need to take for myself to pose as the Gourmet.
The problem stems from the fact that we don’t actually know who or where the Gourmet is. So, Festus traced back all leads and told me that I’ll need to visit Anton Virane back at Understone Keep in Markarth - he’s apparently a friend of the Gourmet’s. He’ll have the intel.
For now though, I feel like I’m gonna drop dead if I don’t sleep. I hired a carriage to Whiterun to have a proper night of sleep. Serana was back home, too, so it was quite nice to just sit with her and talk about nothing in particular.
The plan has been going smoothly so far. Just need to pay Tullius a visit and deliver the Crown, then it’s just a matter of mentioning a few things that may or may not be true, and we’re moving on to phase two.
Fredas, the 31st of Frost Fall, 4E201
Anton Virane was an easy enough nut to crack. One threat, a name drop, and he told me everything he knew. I didn’t have much use for him after that, so I killed him to avoid any potential loose ends.
From there, I actually decided to drop by Solitude. Tullius must’ve been waiting for a long time for me to deliver the Crown, if Rikke has given any intel on it. Don’t want him getting suspicious.
“You’re multiple days late, Auxilary.” The man noted, his voice stern but with a slight smugness behind it. General Tullius definitely enjoyed calling Saya by a rank below his own, as petty as it was.
“I had business to take care of, and I have acquired new intel in the process.” Saya unceremoniously pulled the Crown off her belt and tossed it onto the table, the artifact sliding across the wood for a few centimeters before hitting the General’s arm. He looked away from his plans, slightly annoyed.
“And what might that be?” Tullius said through gritted teeth. It was rather difficult to tolerate her demeanor, but as much as he didn’t like it, she was a valuable asset on the front. When reading the reports from Rikke, he was becoming increasingly frustrated at the fact that the Dunmer, for all intents and purposes, has cleared the dungeon single-handedly.
“I had to travel to Riften due to personal reasons and to meet up with the Dawnguard, and I happened to meet Officer Maro. The Commander’s son.” Saya grabbed an iron dagger from the table and began tossing it up with her hand, spinning it to amuse herself. “Set out the same day I was told to go to Korvanjund, no less. I wasn’t aware that a young boy like himself would be responsible for the security of the hold.”
Tullius’ brows furrowed. “That is outside of your current objective. I deemed it unnecessary for you to know.” He spat, dismissive. “You may be Dragonborn, Indoril, but you forget that now that you’re legionnaire, you obey my orders, and, by extension - Rikke’s. Don’t forget your place.”
Saya’s hand stopped, catching the dagger and glaring at Tullius, who returned the scornful gaze. She sighed, lifting her arm and tossing the dagger into the map right between the General’s fingers, hitting Riften’s symbol.
“And I believe you forget what the terms of me joining are.” The girl said in a low tone, stepping towards the table. “I said that if I require any information which is in any way related to the Dark Brotherhood, you and your legates are to provide it for me. I have cleared your dungeon, I have given you the Jagged Crown, and I have given you the classified Thalmor dossier. I believe it’s time you start giving me something in return, General.”
The Imperial slammed his fist down on the table, scowling. “You are in no position to demand anything from me. You ignored your duties, you wasted precious time and did not immediately obey your orders, instead wandering about with an artifact which our enemy seeks which was supposed to be delivered to me the moment you were told to. Now if I hear one more word of protest from you, I swear to the Eight that you can forget all about--”
“He’s dead.” Saya’s voice was completely relaxed, as if the general’s outburst did not even happen. She wasn’t even really listening, to be truthful. Only hearing the volume elevation to see where would be the best moment to interrupt him to get the biggest reaction out of Tullius. She picked her moment right, seeing as how the Imperial’s expression contorted into one of shock.
“...dead…? But… how?”
“Commander Maro trusted his inexperienced son with an important job over an experienced officer trained for his entire life. I was just talking to him when an assassin ambushed us from the bushes near Mistveil Keep. I stabilized the boy the best I could but the murderer was getting away, so I chased after them and gave one of the guards the strongest potion of healing I had on me. It wasn’t enough. That, or the guard was too slow with making Gaius drinking it. Either way, the person in charge of ensuring the Emperor’s security is dead.”
She stepped to the desk, using her arms as supports and looking Tullius right into the eye. He was shaking slightly.
“...and I could have prevented it, if you have told me where he was going in advance so that I could bodyguard him or at least watch over the lad.” The Dunmer shifted in position, leaning on one of her elbows instead, stretching out her back. “But you did not. Now the Emperor’s security is compromised, the guards are having internal fights about the man who failed to give Maro my potion soon enough which is sabotaging the city’s orderliness, everyone in Riften is on edge, and the killer is still on the loose.” She finished, letting the information sink in for a few seconds.
“I… I didn’t know…” The man was at a loss for words. His entire life was spent serving the Emperor, and in a way he had just undermined himself because of his pride, of all things. Saya sighed.
“There’s some good news, though, if you can call them that.”
The general lifted his head, staring blankly at her. “...go on?”
“While I didn’t manage to catch the killer because the fetcher literally threw the corpse at me to buy time, I did get a good enough luck at her features. She wore a mask, but the assassin is definitely a human female, is pale, and has black hair.”
“ call that good news? Do you know how many raven-haired women there are? It could be literally any Nord or Breton woman in Skyrim!” He shouted, his anger bubbling again. The features were helpful, sure, but Skyrim’s population was hundreds of thousands of people - even being very picky, there’d still be hundreds of women that’d have those features. “And even then, there are rumors of a face sculptor in Riften. I have seen what those can do - those details you have found may as well be useless if the killer just goes to the sculptor and changes her appearance!”
“Which is why I brought up the fact she was pale, Tullius.” Saya had to hold back a groan. “ was just before sunrise when the accident happened, so there weren’t many guards around yet. Even in that lighting, I could see that her skin was snow-white. More than that, her eyes were… almost glowing.”
It was that detail that sent Tullius’ brain into thought after his stupor. Suddenly, everything clicked. “You don’t mean that she was…”
“A vampire, yes. And for research, I went down to the face sculptor in the Ratways and confirmed that she’s the only one of her kind who is currently in Skyrim. On top of that, vampire flesh is impossible to change like a mortal’s - Restoration magic does not work on it, so it cannot be healed without letting the vampire absorb your life force using a specific spell which very much harms the target and can infect it with a dormant form of vampirism, as well.”
Saya explained, including her own knowledge obtained from the time spent with the Dawnguard. “The sculptor, therefore, refuses to work with vampires. That road is blocked for our killer. She can still dye her hair, but her eyes will still remain the same. And you really, really don’t know how much you can tell by the eyes when hunting a vampire.”
“...very well. What do you need.”
The girl raised her eyebrow. “I… beg your pardon?”
“I told you I’ll provide any information you need. So, what do you want this time?”
Saya couldn’t help but smile at the directness. She got his ears now. And his tongue, if the need arises.
“Nothing. For now, anyway. I would, however, like you to inform Commander Maro that our assassin is a female Nord vampire with black hair. The more people know, the better.” She stretched. “Any orders?”
“...yes, actually. I have a message I need you to deliver to the Jarl of Whiterun. Personally.” He accented that last part, squinting. I suppose he wasn’t yet completely on board with trusting her not to read it, but he was at least confident enough to let her deliver something so allegedly important. “Since I know you’ll try to read it anyway, it is a proposition to move a few Legionnaire squadrons into the city. Our intel suggests that Ulfric is preparing an attack on Whiterun. We need the Jarl’s approval before we can take action, as to not violate regulations.”
Or, well, he could just say that and make her lose interest in reading the letter.
“I see. Very well, I’ll deliver it at my earliest convenience.”
The General nodded, frowning slightly at the “earliest convenience” part, but knew he couldn’t really do much about it anyway. Before she left, however, Saya stopped at the door.
“Actually, General?”
The Imperial lifted his head from the map, looking at her again. “What is it?”
“I hear that the Emperor’s visit will be accompanied by a feast, which is to be prepared by the finest chef. Am I correct?”
The man sighed internally. “...knowing you, you’d dig it up either way, so I suppose I’ll tell you. Yes, you are correct. It’s gonna be prepared by the Gourmet. Why did you ask?”
“Do you know who the Gourmet is?”
The question threw Tullius for a loop. While a part of him was convinced that he did, another part that had already scanned through all of his memories made him realize that he did not. “...I’m afraid not.”
“Then, do you at least know their location?”
He raised an eyebrow. “That I do know, but it’s classified information. Why do you need it?”
“Because if you don’t know the identity of the Gourmet, then I doubt anyone knows. And if that is the case, then there must be some item or document to state his identity. A seal, a medal, a magical whatever-the-fuck. Something to keep his identity confidential, but confirm it if the need arises.”
Tullius nodded. “I suppose that’d be the case. Where are you going with this?”
“Because if the Gourmet is to be assassinated, then who’s to say that the item in question cannot be stolen and copied with the necessary changes? By… say… a certain vampire?”
“You think that she’ll be bold enough to try that sort of move?”
“This is the Emperor’s assassination we’re talking about. The killer wouldn’t be able to just throw herself at him and get out alive with all the security. She’d need a more subtle way… such as, for instance, poisoning the dish he’d be eating at the feast while posing as the Gourmet?”
“...oh.” Tullius sighed. She was right, that was a possibility that they overlooked, just like they overlooked Maro’s security. “...alright. The Gourmet is staying at Nightingale Inn, but we don’t know who he is because we’ve been ordered to stay away from him not to garner any unwanted attention.”
Saya nodded. “Thank you. I’ll investigate as soon as I can to see if the Gourmet is still there and alive.”
“ do that. Just don’t forget about the message.”
She nodded, smiling. “Don’t worry, General. I won’t.”
After that little exchange, I have returned to Silus with the Shards. While I admit, I had slightly hoped I’d be wrong, but I did guess that he had a way to rebuild the Razor using those shards.
To me it’s just a way to prove that Mehrunes Dagon is a lazy prick, because he could’ve probably just undone the shards from existence and then created a new Razor. Had to go through sacrificing Silus to get him to rebuild it this time. Bastard.
Got blood on my favorite cloak. At least the Razor is pretty good. All but phased through the armor of the dremora that tried to kill me at Dagon’s orders. Guess he thought it’d be a fun joke to play on me.
Always knew something with that face cannot be anything but a cunt.
Loredas, the 1st of Sun’s Dusk, 4E201
The laughter of multiple people echoed against the cave walls as they all sat at a large table in the dining room. Arnbjorn, still recovering, was munching away at some piece of rather obviously undercooked meat while Astrid was away, saying that she’s taking care of a contract of her own. While it was unusual, nobody questioned it - the woman’s bloodlust was common knowledge among the assassins, and it wasn’t often that she got a chance to let it spill.
Saya sipped the wine from her goblet, smiling as Serana was sitting beside her. It was the vampire’s first visit to the Sanctuary, and she seemed to quite enjoy it. She did, however, seem a bit reluctant to leave her Dunmer companion’s side, staying within a few steps from her almost at all times. Saya, naturally, found this quite endearing, while Babette used it to tease her elder.
Once he managed to tame his laughter, Festus slammed his bottle down onto the table, his lips still stretched into a grin. For once, he seemed to be in a great mood, which earned Serana and Saya the shared title of “the first people who managed to make Festus Krex laugh besides Babette”. Granted, it was a rather lengthy title, so they were never called that other than the time said title was bestowed upon them, but it was quite amusing while it lasted.
“Come on now, you virago, get to the point! You’ve tortured the poor General for long enough, tell us about the Gourmet!”
Saya hid her smile behind her goblet while Serana chuckled and gave in.
“Alright, alright. Well, it was kind of disappointing with how easy it was to get him. The lack of security was a bad play on the Gourmet’s part.” The vampire paused and took another hearty gulp of her wine, wiping off a lone drop that dripped down her chin. “Since my little schemer already made sure to notify the Oculatus that I'm a vampire, I decided to reinforce that belief by draining the orc of his blood. It had the added benefit of making the body look thinner and paler, so it'd look like he was dead for a while. I threw him off the pier right after taking his Writ of Passage.”
Festus hummed, nodding. “Hiding the body and aging it at once… clever.”
Saya, on the other hand, cringed slightly, shivering. “...wasn't fun getting it out of the lake, though. Couldn't feel my blasted fingers for hours.”
Serana chuckled, leaning on the girl's shoulder and poking her cheek. “Sorry, dear, can't feel the cold myself. And besides, you never complain as much when you fight a Frost Dragon!”
“That's because these don't have the lungs to keep up the frost breath for longer than three, maybe four seconds. Let alone half an hour.” The Dunmer retorted, pouting and bringing the goblet to her mouth again, sighing when she felt the drink with her lips. “'s cold again.” The girl noted, putting a finger inside the liquid and heating it up with a fire spell.
“So, what's next on the agenda?” Gabriella chimed in, staring at her kinsman curiously.
“For now? Lay low.”
The girl's answer provoked a few surprised gazes, which she dismissed. “For now, nobody knows the Gourmet is dead. I made sure to tell the innkeeper that Balagog was leaving for High Rock, and then disposed of the body. Right now, I'll ask you lot to wait just a week. I have preparations to make.”
“And what might those be?” Babette leaned on the table curiously, drawing a smile from the older vampire.
“Ending the Civil War. Ulfric’s death will give the Emperor another reason to visit Skyrim - sorting out the relations with the High Queen isn't a subject he cannot simply ignore. Besides...” The elf purred, grinning. “A war hero, the Dragonborn herself… wouldn't it be a nice idea to invite her to your dinner and thank her for your service and create a good political image of yourself?”
Serana copied her expression, reaching for Saya's goblet and taking a sip from it. “And, perhaps… giving her a perfect opportunity to meet the fabled Gourmet?”
Babette broke into laughter while Nazir applauded the duo. Gabriella, Veezara and Festus limited themselves to only an approving smile, while Arbjorn only grunted in response.
All of them, however, were identical in the raising of their drinks as their shout echoed the caverns of the Sanctuary, reinvigorating the rumors of Ghosts infesting the Falkreath graves.
“Hail Sithis!”
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2018.07.27 01:17 El_Milchy Virago

Pronunciation: /vəˈräɡō/
Definition: a domineering, violent, or bad-tempered woman
Archaic: a woman of masculine strength or spirit; a female warrior
In a sentence: All arguments were stunted as the virago's voice grew louder and louder.
Aside: This word is a bit demeaning, so I suggest only using it for character building in writing and not really saying it in daily life.
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2018.04.05 14:09 notdumbenough Why do people say that Leper is really bad?

I've on my third playthrough, and personally I don't think Leper is as bad as everyone makes him out to be.
Yes, he's awful and misses a lot when he has bad trinkets and underleveled abilities. But once you get your hands on Sun Rings/Moon Rings and max out your abilities and weapons/armor, he's really good. His camping ability Reflection is really, really good too. -20 stress, 10 ACC, 5% crit for 3 respite points is one of the best in the game.
My main playstyle is to either do double Leper or no Lepers at all. The idea behind double Leper is to stack ACC and DMG trinkets/quirks and spam Hew on the front two positions. I often only get one or two misses in the entire mission, and Hew does ~20 damage to both targets. Then the other Leper does that again. Boom. Both frontliners dead.
The Leper definitely isn't as versatile as, for example, the Highwayman or Hellion. He can't really touch the backlines. But consider this:
--High HP means that you rarely get one-shot by wild crits from spiders or Chevaliers.
--He does really, really well against damage-based frontliners. Ever meet those quad-Grouper fights? Plague Doctor stuns the back two rows, front two rows are dead on the first turn. If you're lucky enough, you might even clear one of the corpses too, pulling the backline forward. This goes doubly for those annoying stealthed skeletons in Ruins that show up on rank 2 a lot.
--Similarly, he's an excellent pick for Necromancer fights. Hew-Hew-Hew-Hew... and all the adds die before they ever get a chance to move. The Necromancer is stuck on rank 2 and dies very fast. I've also had much less problems killing Ectoplasms with Leper than any other hero.
--He's not bad at stalling either. If you kill the frontlines fast enough, the backliners will usually just spam escape moves. Heroes like Highwayman can't tank Fungal Artillery's Escape Cloud, but Leper can. He has both a stress heal and a hp heal, and again I've never seen them die to random crits (I've had close calls with Fungal Zombie crits at higher levels on other frontliners like Flagellant).
This doesn't mean that Leper is good everywhere, it's just that you have to avoid sending him off to missions where he has to deal with knockbacks and shuffles, or where killing front-lines first is absolutely not viable, such as against Viragos (but even then, you can play around it. Manage your damage and if you're too close to killing the target, use Vengeance on one of the Lepers and kill it next turn. One hit kills the monster, the next destroys the corpse) or Courtyard where Supplicants do minimal damage and you want to kill Chevaliers and Sycophants first.
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2017.10.20 20:36 Killakodyson 2007 Yamaha Virago 250cc battery or charging system?

I have a 2007 Yamaha Virago 250cc that's dying on me.
Long story short, the issues began when I accidentally left the engine switch on for 10 minutes and the bike wouldn't start back up.
So I took the battery to Batteries Plus and they charged it overnight. The next day they said it was charged up and even load tested it.
I ride it to work for a few days (about 15 minutes away). I stop for lunch and it won't start back up. Push start it, get back to work. When I go to leave work, it won't start again.
As I get close to home, I can tell the battery is about to die. The horn stops working and the turn signals stop working.
I'm curious if this seems like an old battery issue (not sure of current battery age), if it's the charging system, or if I'm not riding long enough.
I take the long way to work which is 15-20 minutes. I'm guessing I can get about 50-60 miles before it loses power, but it's not continuous. It's about 5 miles at a time. Am I not riding long enough to recharge the battery? I make sure to keep the rpm’s up.
If it's a battery, I can definitely do it on my own. If it's anything with the charging system, I'd need to take it to a shop.
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2017.10.20 19:06 Killakodyson 2007 Yamaha Virago 250cc battery or charging system?

I have a 2007 Yamaha Virago 250cc that's dying on me.
Long story short, the issues began when I accidentally left the engine switch on for 10 minutes and the bike wouldn't start back up.
So I took the battery to Batteries Plus and they charged it overnight. The next day they said it was charged up and even load tested it.
I ride it to work for a few days (about 15 minutes away). I stop for lunch and it won't start back up. Push start it, get back to work. When I go to leave work, it won't start again.
As I get close to home, I can tell the battery is about to die. The horn stops working and the turn signals stop working.
I'm curious if the seems like an old battery issue (not sure of current battery age), if it's the charging system, or if I'm not riding long enough.
I take the long way to work which is 15-20 minutes. I'm guessing I can get about 50-60 miles before it loses power, but it's not continuous. It's about 5 miles at a time. Am I not riding long enough to recharge the battery? I make sure to keep the rpm’s up.
If it's a battery, I can definitely do it on my own. If it's anything with the charging system, I'd need to take it to a shop.
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