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Brazilian Big12 series, Episode 1/12: Flamengo

2020.07.13 11:59 majinmattossj2 Brazilian Big12 series, Episode 1/12: Flamengo

In this series I will present each of the 12 Brazilian teams that together compose the "Big 12". My point is to make them more knowledgeable to you, since each one of these teams have their share of the Brazil national team success and of Brazilian club football accomplishments as a whole. I'll try to be as smooth, efficient and non-boring as I can. If the feedback is positive, I'll keep bringing more to this series. So ok, let's do this!
Method: I'll present the teams in a chronological order, from the oldest foundation (Flamengo-1895) to the latest one (São Paulo-1930). The order will be: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Gremio, Botafogo, Atletico Mineiro, Internacional, Corinthians, Santos, Palmeiras, Cruzeiro, Sao Paulo. How many of these have you heard of?
Geographical reference: Before we start, I'd like to ask something very simple from you. I want you to keep in mind that these 12 teams are spread in 4 different States in Brazil. The club's State name is written below, next to the club's name. It has a direct link to Google Maps, so that you can check it out to make this experience more accurate.

Episode 1/12: Flamengo (State: Rio de Janeiro), founded in 1895

State rivals: Vasco, Fluminense and Botafogo

Stadium: Maracanã (Capacity: 78.838) Old Maracanã / New Maracanã

Mascot: Vulture

Major achievements: 1 Intercontinental Cup (1981), 2 Copa Libertadores (1981, 2019), 7 Brazilian Leagues (1980, 1982, 1983, 1987, 1992, 2009, 2019), 3 Copa do Brasil (1990, 2006, 2013), 1 Copa Mercosul (1999)

State League titles: 36 (Against Fluminense's 31, Vasco's 24, Botafogo's 21)

Rio de Janeiro. Copacabana. Samba. Futebol. Flamengo.
Maybe no other team in Brazil has adopted so well their own city like Flamengo have. Their gigantic fanbase--the biggest in the country, in the continent, and how their fans like to brag, the biggest in the world--took football attendances in Brazil to another level. But how did Flamengo go from being just another recently-founded sports club to become this football power in Brazil, with a fanbase of 40 million supporters?
The first explanation people tend to give to this is Zico, the White Pelé, eternal idol of this club, who scored impressives 826 goals (516 official) in 23 years of his career as a midfielder. But long before Zico's arrival at Flamengo in 1971, the red-black team had been enjoying the status and alias of "most adored club in Brazil" for decades. If it wasn't Zico that made Flamengo so popular in a first time, who (or what) was it?
Flamengo was founded like any other sports club in the 1895 Rio de Janeiro, focused first in rowing, and later joining the country's new trend, football, in 1911, after a cission in Fluminense's football department made some players look for a new place to restart. As these former Fluminense footballers used to go quite much to Flamengo to watch rowing and had friends there, they decided it was the perfect place to start a new football department in the city. The Flamengo Football Department was created, aswell as their rivalry with Fluminense. They played in the State League (alias Carioca) for the first time the following year, in 1912.
It was later in the 1930s that Flamengo shifted from being a refined, elitist and exclusive club to become a popular and inclusive one, inspired by the rising of political populism and nationalism in Brazil that eventually resulted in a Coup d'État in 1930. Combined with the professionalization of the sport in Brazil in 1933 and the rising interest of the popular classes in the sport, the 1930s context favored Flamengo in standing for the popular urban workers, unlike their elitist rival Fluminense. This is the major factor at the core of Flamengo's huge fanbase growth in Rio de Janeiro, and later, across the country.
The firsts World Cup star players
It was also in the 1930s, in 1936, that Flamengo was joined by who would become their first star players, CB Domingos da Guia and FW Leonidas, both part of the Fifa World Cup All-Star Team of 1938. Leonidas was also elected best player of the World Cup, besides being the topscorer with 7 goals. Leonidas left Flamengo for Sao Paulo in 1941, and scored 545 goals in 616 matches in his entire career.
In 1939, another forthcoming World Cup Golden Ball winner joined Flamengo, his name was Zizinho. He played as a midfielder and is considered the successor of Leonidas and predecessor of Pelé. Zizinho spent 11 years in Flamengo, notably winning an unprecedented three consecutive Carioca League between 1942-1944. Due to a lack of a national tournament in Brazil until 1959, the State League was Rio de Janeiro's most important title, disputed by 4 big teams--Flamengo and their 3 rivals, namely Fluminense, Vasco and Botafogo. The State League also had traditional teams like America, Sao Cristovao and Bangu, all of them supplying Brazil in the 1930, 1938, 1950, 1958, 1962, 1966 World Cups--so, please, show some respect to the Brazilian State League, that was very far from being the farmer's league it is today. That being said, Zizinho left Flamengo for Bangu in 1950, at the age of 29 and before the World Cup, in the most controversial transfer of the decade.
After Zizinho's departure in 1950, Flamengo would struggle in the State League, until they managed to get once again a three consecutive title streak between 1953-1955. The great forward's Evaristo de Macedo arrival in 1953 was indeed of great help to Flamengo's roster, until he left in 1957 to shine for 5 seasons at Barcelona--therefore not being called ever again to the Brazil NT, for playing abroad.
But before Evaristo left Flamengo for Barcelona, he had the chance to play against one of the best teams in the world, the notable Budapest Honvéd:
Date Match Venue Scorers
19/01/1957 Flamengo 6-4 Honvéd Maracanã (Brazil) Evaristo and Puskas (2), Henrique, Paulinho, Dida, Duca, Szusza and Budai (1)
27/01/1957 Flamengo 4-6 Honvéd Pacaembu (Brazil) Puskas (4), Dida (2), Kocsis, Moacir, Henrique and Budai (1)
02/02/1957 Flamengo 2-3 Honvéd Maracanã (Brazil) Evaristo, Henrique, Budai, Kocsis and Szusza (1)
07/02/1957 Flamengo/Botafogo 6-2 Honvéd Maracanã (Brazil) Evaristo and Dida (2), Puskas, Kocsis, Garrincha and Didi (1)
16/02/1957 Flamengo 5-3 Honvéd Caracas (Venezuela) Evaristo (3), Budai (2), Puskas, Moacir and Dida (1)
19/02/1957 Flamengo 1-1 Honvéd Caracas (Venezuela) Puskas and Evaristo (1)
Highlights to the combined between Flamengo and Botafogo that made it possible for world class players of the caliber of Garrincha, Didi and Nilton Santos play on the same side as Evaristo and against the great Hungarians, also as a rematch of their duel at the 1954 World Cup QFs. A few months after these matches, both Flamengo and Honvéd teams were dissolved, with their players moving to Palmeiras, Corinthians, Barcelona and Real Madrid.
In 1961, Flamengo won the prestigious but now extinct Rio-Sao Paulo Tournament, where only the big teams from the states of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro were allowed. It was their first and only title in 26 editions of the tournament, that was a big deal until the 1960s (before the consolidation of Brazil's national league in the 1970s).
However, the 1960s were a relatively weak decade for Flamengo. With Santos and Palmeiras dominating the recently created National League%29), and Botafogo dominating the Rio de Janeiro State League (which would only qualify the Champion to the National League), Flamengo highlights were just 2 State Leagues, 1 Rio-Sao Paulo Tournament and the call-up of 3 of their players to the 1966 and 1970 World Cups, notably Brito, CB and starter in the 1970 World Cup.
The Zico Era (1971-1989)
The 1970s and the 1980s decade would nevertheless make up for any previous difficult time the red-black Flamengo had gone through in their history. The Zico Era lasted on the pitch from 1971 to 1989, but will last forever on the books, filmography and memories of this celebrated and gigantic club.
Arthur Antunes Coimbra, alias Zico, was born in 1953 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. As a matter of fact, it is not surprising that he was born in the biggest talent pool of Brazil, the city of Rio de Janeiro, also known as The Wonderful City. Most non-brazilian people probably don't know that the great majority of Brazil's football legends were born and raised in this same city of Rio de Janeiro. Before there was Zico, there were Leonidas, Zizinho, Nilton Santos, Didi, Garrincha, Gerson, Jairzinho, Carlos Alberto Torres.. and after the man, the same city of Rio brought to the world the talents of Romario, Ronaldo Nazario, Adriano, Marcelo.. I must say that some of these guys together would make a respectful State League 11.
Zico made his professional debut in 1971 at the age of 18. He played 18 seasons for Flamengo between 1971 and 1989, but also made a short move to Italian Serie A team Udinese from 1983 to 1985. In these 18 red-black years for Flamengo, the Little Rooster scored 589 goals in 826 matches, averaging 33 goals per season. He won Flamengo 7 State Leagues (Cariocas), 4 National Leagues, 1 Copa Libertadores and 1 Intercontinental Cup.
To be honest, of all these 13 titles Zico and Flamengo won through the 1970s/80s, the most "easy" was probably the 1981 Copa Libertadores. Brazilian players stayed in Brazil at that time, so our State and National Leagues were both at a very high level. Basically, almost every big team had their world class player, namely Zico's Flamengo, Rivellino's and Parreira's Fluminense, Da Guia's Palmeiras, Falcao's Internacional, Socrates' Corinthians, Cerezo's and Eder's Atletico Mineiro, Careca's Guarani/Sao Paulo, Romario's and Roberto Dinamite's Vasco, Piazza's Cruzeiro and also a very good Gremio team. I didn't even mention names like Bebeto, CA Torres, PC Caju, Junior, Leandro, Figueroa, Mazinho, Reinaldo... crazy days. Most of these guys just lacked the World Cup title to be remembered more often.
Pos. Brazilian League 1980s Italian Serie A 1980s
GK Waldir Peres, Taffarel, Leao Dino Zoff, Walter Zenga, Galli
RB Leandro, Nelinho Mauro Tassotti, Giuseppe Bergomi
CB Dario Pereyra, Edinho, Oscar Gaetano Scirea, Baresi, Claudio Gentile
LB Junior, Mazinho Maldini, Antonio Cabrini
DM Toninho Cerezo, Batista Tardelli, Falcao, Matthäus
AM Zico, Socrates, Paulo Isidoro Maradona, Platini, Baggio, Laudrup, Rijkaard
FW Romario, Bebeto, Roberto Dinamite, Careca, Éder, Müller Van Basten, Paolo Rossi, Careca, Rummenigge, Müller
In the comparison above between Brazil's and Italy's 1980s leagues, the Italian Serie A certainly had some of the best talents and a bit more depth overall, but Brazil's League firepower isn't far behind and would make an even adversary in a match dispute.
The point is that it was crazy how Zico stood out of this crazy crowd of world class players for almost two decades. He was elected to the Brazilian Serie A Best XI 5 times (1974/75/77/82/87), Best Player twice (1974/1982), and topscorer twice (1980/82). He was also topscorer of the State League 6 times and once of the 1981 Copa Libertadores.
Flamengo and Zico feats and records
Among Zico feats and records, we can highlight a few: he scored 89 goals/76 matches in 1979, he is the topscorer of the Maracanã stadium (333 goals), he is the world's topscorer as a midfielder (516 official goals), 3 times South American POTY and 5th highest topscorer of the all-time Brazilian Seleção.
Flamengo provided 7 players to the Brazilian NT in the World Cups during this Zico Era (1974/78/82/86). However, unlike Santos' and Botafogo's 1950s/60s generation, they failed to bring the thophy home, leaving at the SF in 1974/78 and at the QF in 1982/86. The 1982 generation (5mn46s video) would forever be remembered as a beautiful symbol of the Futebol-Arte that couldn't win.
However, Flamengo could indeed win the world title that the Brazil NT couldn't. In 1981, in what is considered Flamengo's greatest moment of all-time, they beat Liverpool 3-0 in Tokyo, for the Intercontinental Cup. It was just another master display from Flamengo's maestro number 10 Zico, that had been delighting the Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian and South American Leagues since 1974, being finally crowned with a world title. The English side had won 3 European Cups in the previous 5 years, but had yet to prove themselves against a team from South America in the Intercontinental Cup: they refused to play the Argentine side Boca Juniors in both 1977 and 1978. As expected, the English side had their confidence high, but it took Zico only 45 minutes to wrap the game up with 3 assists that set the game 3-0 in Flamengo's favor at half-time. The Liverpool team was helpless against Zico and were lucky enough not to leave with an even more embarassing score. Liverpool coach Bob Paisley admitted defeat, however, not without giving poor excuses. The truth is, in the 1980s the English teams played 4 times their South American counterparts in Tokyo, and lost all of them without scoring a single goal: Liverpool (twice), Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa were the victims.
Sidenote: Zico vs. Maradona
Before Maradona cemented himself as one of the GOAT, there was the debate over who was the best player of their generation (and also Platini). They played against each other 5 times, with 4 wins for Zico and 1 draw. Zico is, however, 7 years older than Maradona.
Year Match Tournament Goals+Assists
1979 Rest of the World 2-1 Argentina International Friendly Z:1+1, M:1+0
1979 Brazil 2-1 Argentina Copa America Z:1+1
1981 Flamengo 2-0 Boca Juniors Friendly Z:2+0
1982 Brazil 3-1 Argentina World Cup Z:1+2
1985 Udinese 2-2 Napoli Serie A M:2+0
Flamengo 1990-2018: Petković, Romario, Adriano, Ronaldinho, Diego Ribas..
After Zico's departure to Japanese football in 1989, Flamengo lived through ups and downs between 1990 and 2018. In this period, Flamengo won 2 international titles, 2 national leagues, 4 national cups and 12 state leagues. In a country with 12 big teams, it isn't that bad. Highlights to the 1992 Brazilian League title against rival Botafogo at the Maracanã with 122.001 spectators; to Romario's 204 goals in 5 seasons (1995-99) and his historical Elastico and goal against Corinthians in 1999; to their three consecutive State League titles 1999-2001 won against their now archrival Vasco that had world class players like Romario, Juninho Pernambucano, Juninho Paulista, Edmundo and Viola, with Serbian player Petković scoring the winning goal from a crazy free-kick at the last minute (52s video); to the 2009 Brazilian League title led by former Internazionale star Adriano, taking the lead of the tournament only 2 rounds to the end; to their first woman Patricia Amorim to be elected President in 2010; to Ronaldinho's 18 months long passage at the club, notably in 2011 staying 6 months undefeated with his team (38 matches, 31W-7D) and also scoring a hat-trick against Neymar's Santos in an incredible match (10mn37s video) with a Puskas-winning goal (32s video) from Neymar; and to the President Eduardo Bandeira de Mello (2013-2018) who restructured Flamengo's finance, signed players like Diego Ribas, Diego Alves, Everton Ribeiro, Paolo Guerrero, and finished 2nd in major tournaments like 2017 Copa Sudamericana, 2017 Copa do Brasil and 2018 Brazilian Serie A.
2019: the fire incident and the new era of Portuguese coach Jorge Jesus
In February 2019, a tragic fire incident killed ten U17/U15 players from Flamengo youth system at the club's dormitory. Flamengo was held responsible, given that they didn't have the required permits of the building.
Following this very sad episode, the team had to keep going, and in June 2019 they hired the Portuguese coach Jorge Jesus, who had the mission of making this very expensive team play better. After 56 matches to this day, Jorge Jesus collected 42 wins, 10 draws and only 4 defeats, with a win rate of 75%. He led Flamengo to win 4 out of 5 major titles they disputed, namely 2019 Brazilian Serie A, 2019 Copa Libertadores, 2020 Brazilian Supercup and 2020 Recopa Sudamericana, losing only to Liverpool 0-1 on extra time at the 2019 Club World Cup revenge of their 1981 Intercontinental Cup dispute, when Flamengo won 3-0.
Highlights to the epic 2019 Libertadores Final against Argentine side River Plate, who were winning it 1-0 until the 89th minute, when Gabigol scored the tie after a great play from Bruno Henrique (59s video). At the 92nd minute, Diego Ribas sent an air through ball from Flamengo's defensive side that reached the same Gabigol, who in middle of 2 River Plate's CB, found his way out to score Flamengo's second and trophy winning goal (46s video), after a 39-year wait for this continental title.
Welcome to Flamengo 2019/20 goals/skills/assists - DESPACITO - Line-up of this memorable team: Diego Alves, Rafinha, Rodrigo Caio, Pablo Marí, Filipe Luis; Willian Arao, Gerson, Arrascaeta; Everton Ribeiro, Bruno Henrique, Gabigol. Subs: César, Rodinei, Thuler, Rhodolfo, Rene, Piris da Motta, Diego Ribas, Vitinho, Vinicius, Reinier, Lincoln, Berrio.
Players out (2020): Reinier (Real Madrid), Pablo Marí (on loan, Arsenal), Rodinei (on loan, Internacional)
Players in (2020): Pedro (on loan, Fiorentina), Thiago Maia (on loan, Lille), Pedro Rocha (on loan, Spartak Moscow), Gustavo Henrique (Santos), Michael (Goias), Leo Pereira (Athletico)
To this day, Flamengo has the largest fanbase in South America, with 40 million supporters, and a stadium attendance average of 53.000, as of 2019.
If you have any questions about Brazilian football, feel free to join us at futebol, where you'll be very welcomed!
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