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{Discussion} Fantastically Wrong: The Murderous, Sometimes Sexy History of the Mermaid

2020.05.26 22:10 CindyMorrisonwatts1 {Discussion} Fantastically Wrong: The Murderous, Sometimes Sexy History of the Mermaid

{Discussion} Fantastically Wrong: The Murderous, Sometimes Sexy History of the Mermaid

Fantastically Wrong: The Murderous, Sometimes Sexy History of the Mermaid

.---(Legal Photo Disclaimer: The photos and art posted here are taken from the Internet Public Domain and Google Images. They are submitted by fans and strangers and are used solely for dramatization. They may not actually be the people, places, and things they are referred to. If there is a complaint regarding any permission of photos or art here, inbox me and I will promptly delete them.)
Painter Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann's depiction of a mermaid with the fall's latest fashion accessory: seaweed in place of clothing.WIKIMEDIA
Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid is a heartwarming tale of a mermaid falling in love, battling evil to be with her love, and living happily ever after as a human. Just kidding.
That’s the Disney version.
In Andersen’s, the young mermaid has her tongue cut out, gets burned hard by the prince when he chooses another woman, and eventually dissolves into sea foam instead of saving her own life by ritualistically stabbing said prince through the heart and bathing in his blood. Seriously.
It was for this reason that Starbucks adopted the mermaid as its logo. (No it isn’t, that’s libel. Is it still libel if I admit it’s libelous? I guess we’ll find out.)
Regardless, it took mermaids millennia of mythology to land on those coffee cups. But relations weren’t always so good between our two species—mermaids have largely been thought of as hell-bent on seducing sailors into the depths, or just smashing boats with storms if they’re not really feeling like putting the effort into being charming.
Ilya Repin's Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom, a depiction of the Russian medieval epic poem Byliny. WIKIMEDIA
So why the mixed reviews?
Where did the legend of the mermaid come from in the first place? From ancient deities to corporate lackeys, the history of our aquatic cousins is certainly a strange one.
According to Terry Breverton in his book Phantasmagoria: A Compendium of Monsters, Myths, and Legends, before there were mermaids, some 4,000 years ago there was a merman: Ea, the Babylonian god of the sea.
He had the lower body of a fish and upper body of a human, and was one of those handy all-purpose deities, bringing humankind the arts and sciences while also finding the time to battle evil.
And because he was associated with water, he was the patron god of—no joke—cleaners because, well, someone needed to be. Ea would later be co-opted by the Greeks as Poseidon and the Romans as Neptune.
The earliest mermaid-like figure was likely the ancient Syrian goddess Atargatis, who watched over the fertility of her people, as well as their general well-being. She, too, was human above the waist and fish below it, and was accordingly associated with water.
The Syrians bestowed Atargatis with the biggest, most resplendent temple they could muster, which came complete with a pond of sacred fish that you probably weren’t allowed to throw coins into for a good luck.

The mermaid-esque goddess Atargatis on a Syrian coin. She holds an egg to symbolize that she protects life, and perhaps that she's kinda hungry. WIKIMEDIA
Never one to be left out of disseminating misinformation, the great Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder, whose Natural History would serve as scientific gospel for centuries to follow, wrote of the nereids.
These were nymphs we’d recognize as half-human half-fish mermaids, though “the portion of the body that resembles the human figure is still rough all over with scales.” He notes that Legatus of Gaul once wrote to Emperor Augustus claiming he found a “considerable number” of them “dead upon the sea-shore.”
Pliny also mentions “sea-men,” who when night falls “climb up into ships; upon which the side of the vessel where he seated himself would instantly sink downward, and if he remained there any considerable time, even go under water.”
Such maliciousness is echoed in the sirens of Greek mythology, which variously were presented as beautiful women, half-bird half-women, and as mermaids.
These fiends would lure men to their deaths with some sexy singing, as Odysseus well knew. He had his men strap him to the ship’s mast to avoid falling victim as they passed the island of the sirens, while his men plugged their ears with wax.

A mermaid-merman pair from 16th-century Italian naturalist Ulisse Aldrovandi's epic tome Monstrorum Historia, which translates as Let's Drop Some Acid and Go Down to the River and Just Draw Things We See, Man. SOURCE
And so mermaids entered European mythology with conflicting personalities: Sometimes they were portrayed as beautiful, seductive maidens—almost goddesses like Atargatis—greatly desired by lonely sailors, while also being cast as siren-esque beasts that dragged men into the inky-black depths.
But whatever the portrayal, mermaids wound their way deep into the nautical lore of the Middle Ages onward.
Really, it was best to avoid mermaids and mermen, just to be sure. Olaus Magnus, the 16th century writer and cartographer whose seminal map Carta Marina obsessively cataloged the many monsters of the seas around Scandinavia, noted that fishermen maintain that if you reel in a mermaid or merman, “and do not presently let them go, such a cruel tempest will arise, and such a horrid lamentation of that sort of men comes with it, and of some other monsters joining with them, that you would think the sky should fall.”
Sea-people, it was widely held, were terribly bad luck to see or snag.
John William Waterhouse's depiction of a mermaid from 1901. WIKIMEDIA
Other encounters were more harmless. In 1430 in the Netherlands, it was said that after the dikes near the town of Edam gave way during a storm, some girls rowing around in a boat found a mermaid “floundering in shallow, muddy waters,” according to the Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend. “
They got her into the bat, took her home, [and] dressed her in women’s cloths,” which was a solid choice on account of her being a woman. She couldn’t be taught to speak, however, and remained totally mute.
Now, it was a pervasive ancient belief that every land animal must have a counterpart in the sea, and humans were no exception.
Clearly, there must be sea cows and sea horses and sea swine out there. So while we had the mermaid representing us in sea, some claimed that things got even more specific, and that the clergy had their own aquatic representatives.
In the mid-16th century the French naturalist Guillaume Rondelet supposedly got his hands on two specimens bearing a striking resemblance to a pair of religious types: monks and bishops.
The Encyclopaedia Metropolitana of 1817 describes the supposed “sea monk” accordingly: “The face was human, but coarse and clownish, the head smooth and without hair, a sort of hood resembling that of a monk covered the shoulders,” while its “lower parts ended in a spreading tail.”

The “bishop fish” was “yet more wonderful, being clad by nature in the garb of a bishop.” It was taken to the king of Poland, who in his benevolence decreed it be carried back to the ocean and set free.

But out at sea, the number of mermaid sightings exploded as the Age of Discovery kicked off, as men in big, expensive boats made their way around the world. John Smith, of Pocahontas fame, caught sight of one off of Newfoundland in 1614, noting that "her long green hair imparted to her an original character that was by no means unattractive."
And in 1493 the expedition of Christopher Columbus took time out of their wanton murdering to sight the mythical mermaid near what is now the Dominican Republic. As Columbus wrote in his diary: “
The day before, when the Admiral was going to the Rio del Oro, he said he saw three mermaids who came quite high out of the water but were not as pretty as they are depicted, for somehow in the face they look like men.” And then they got back to the murdering and enslaving.
In reality, the admiral had likely seen a manatee (what Smith had seen is anyone’s guess, considering manatees don’t venture that far north). And indeed it was strange creatures like these, a group known tellingly as the sirenians that also includes dugongs, that explorers encountered as they made their way around the world. Sadly, they ended up driving the most incredible sirenian to extinction: Steller's sea cow.
At an astonishing 33 feet long and 24,000 pounds, it was 20 times heavier than the manatee. But because it was so large, it never needed to fear predators before humans. By the turn of the 19th century, it was gone.
German naturalist Georg Wilhelm Steller stands atop the massive sirenian that would soon bear his name, while two other dudes consider other career options. SOURCE
But it was the dugongs that were likely the source of the myth in the first place.
They swim the waters around what used to be the former Syrian and Babylonian empires, and could well have inspired the half-human half-fish gods Atargatis and Ea.
And as Michael Largo notes in his Big, Bad Book of Beasts, the mermaid as a bad omen could come from ships sailing too close to shore, where sirenians congregate, only to run aground. Because when in doubt, blame the harmless aquatic mammal.
But as science and reason solidified their hold in European and American society, the mermaid slipped further out of natural history and deeper into sailor lore. After all, out on the high seas, it never hurts to dream.
.---(Legal Photo Disclaimer: The photos and art posted here are taken from the Internet Public Domain and Google Images. They are submitted by fans and strangers and are used solely for dramatization. They may not actually be the people, places, and things they are referred to. If there is a complaint regarding any permission of photos or art here, inbox me and I will promptly delete them.)
I mean, it worked for Tom Hanks when he got rescued by a mermaid in Splash, and look at him now. He's got, like, Oscars and stuff.

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2020.04.19 08:21 hangepoundme I put a bunch of characters through an attractiveness test

Here are the results (ranked through 1-10):
Molester-kun: .8
Baggy Pants Leon: .9
Levi: 1.3
Eren: 1.7
1st King Fritz: 2.3
Connie: 3.4
Jean’s Mom: 3.4
Armin: 4.2
Best Girl Pieck: 4.4
Gross: 4.4
Bertutolo: 4.5
Mike: 4.6
Yelena: 4.7
Dina: 4.9
Carla: 5
Kenny: 5
Erwin: 5.1
Oluo: 5.1
Mikasa: 5.2
Historia: 5.2
Daz: 5.3
Ms. Tybur: 5.4
Gabi: 5.6
Sasha: 5.7
Ymir Fritz: 5.9
Reiner: 6.1
Petra: 6.1
Marlowe: 6.1
Pixis: 6.2
Hitch: 6.2
Frieda: 6.3
Samuel: 6.3
Zackley: 6.5
Marco: 6.5
Marco (2nd half): 6.5
Marcel: 6.5
Grisha: 6.6
Annie: 6.8
Shadis: 6.8
Rico: 6.9
Kiyomi: 7
Moblit: 7.2
Magath: 7.2
Zeke: 7.3
Colt: 7.3
Hange (male): 7.4
Jean: 7.4
Freckles Ymir: 7.4
Willy Tybur: 7.6
Nanaba: 7.6
Eren Kruger: 7.7
Onion: 7.9
Niccolo: 8.4
Hange (female): 9.1
Kuchel: 9.2

  1. Hange is very sexy
  2. Dr. Jaeger has a thing for mildly attractive women
  3. Floch = Kiyomi in disguise ?
  4. Mikasa and Historia are equally mediocre but still better than Eren so the ship wars can stop now
  5. Kuchel is best girl

Coming soon: who’s the sexiest titan?
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2019.07.04 16:34 FanfareTaboo This a fetish AoT story that I copied years ago and I can't find on the internet anymore.

AOT pt. 1 “Rise and shine,baby,”Ymir heard Historia whisper in her ear.Ymir opened her eyes,flipping onto her other side and staring into her lover’s eyes.Historia’s short,blonde hair stayed so perfect even after sleeping,and her complexion glowed in the sunlight that flowed through the large window in their bedroom. “How do you stay so perfect,Historia?Your aura is so pristine while my aura is like a cloudy thunderstorm,”Ymir said grumpily. “Well I'll let you know that I happen to love thunderstorms,”Historia said,smiling.She pulled Ymir closer to her until she couldn't pull Ymir any closer. And in her current form,she couldn't pull Ymir towards her as close as she previously could,seeing as how Ymir’s well rounded stomach made a barrier between them.Ymir sighed and closed her eyes as Historia giggled. “I had forgotten they were right there!”Historia said smiling.She kissed Ymir and then slid down the bed,to where her face was lined up with Ymir’s big girth. “How are my babies doing?”Historia said,talking to their children and placing her left hand atop the side of Ymir’s belly,which faces upwards because they were laying on their sides.Historia brought her face closer to Ymir’s stomach and applied soft kisses to its surface,while stroking it with her left hand.Ymir was known in the army to be a bit of a hard case,but whenever she was in an intimate situation with Historia,her hard shell completely melted because of her affection for her wife. Even with Historia being royalty,being the Queen of all the walls,she was not afraid to show off that Ymir was her bride,in fact,she was very proud of it.She constantly brought her to public events the queen was supposed to attend and immediately wanted to announce Ymir’s pregnancy to the public when they first found out. “I can't believe we’re having a baby!We have to tell everyone that you're expecting!” Ymir grinned at reminiscing on Historia’s excitement. Historia was so excited to see their children,and while Ymir was equally excited to meet their children,she liked how things were right now.She wasn't having to go out on survey corps missions and be used as a weapon for the military.Her lover was always by her side 100%,comforting her through her pregnancy and tending to her needs.Ymir always insisted that Historia should focus on her job as queen but Historia said that she would never forgive herself if she took her wife for granted and didn't pay attention to her.While Ymir still believed Historia should focus on her duties as queen over her duties as a wife,she would never oppose to having more time to spend with her lover. As Historia showed love to their unborn children,Ymir placed her hand on top of Historia’s,guiding it to the spots of movement.They could feel kicks and punches in various areas,and each new one they felt made them smile wide.When they first found out about Ymir’s pregnancy,they thought she was expecting just one child.But that eventually proved false as when she hit 4 months, the doctor felt around and decided that she was bearing triplets.There was a slight belief that she was carrying quadruplets, but the doctor eventually confirmed that she was just pregnant with triplets. “I'm just now realizing how big your belly has been getting,Ymir,”Historia remarked,kissing her wife’s childbearing girth. Ymir smiled, “Yeah it's becoming a real big one,”she said as she traced her finger across it’s soft surface.It was quite firm and swollen,taut and stretched yet her stomach still kept a very smooth and soft surface,even if it appeared as the size of a beach ball.Historia pressed the side of her face up to the front of Ymir’s belly,closing her eyes with a smile spread across her lips,the babies kicking at her cheek.Historia was so comfortable being in her lover’s atmosphere,right next to her children that she quickly fell asleep still clutching her wife’s gravid stomach. Ymir smiled and a small tear leaked out her eye.She remembered how she had turned her back on Historia and left the city years back.She ached to see Historia again and when she came back,she ended up being forgiven by her,much to her surprise.She thought she would be resented by everyone,but everyone welcomed her back into the walls with open arms.Historia immediately embraced Ymir when she came back with the survey corps,locking her lips to Ymir’s and taking in her warmth. Eventually,the two got married and got to the position that they were right now.Madly in love,the two most important figures in the kingdom and expecting a family.Ymir closed her eyes and wrapped her arm around her belly,reaching her hand over its surface to place it on Historia’s head.She stroked Historia’s hair and smiled,eventually falling back asleep,able to forget her messy past because she was in bed with the four people she loved most.
Hitch was standing at her home’s sink,cleaning off the dishes and drying them.She was still in the nightgown she had adorned for bed last night,she didn't see any reason to change when she was only doing dishes and it was hours until she had to run errands.She took the stiff and wet sponge and dragged it across the surface of one of the dirty plates,clearing It of any residue.While in the midst of washing the silverware,she felt an arm curl around her back and slither up to her stomach where it’s feminine hand stopped and kept itself in that position.She felt a head lean onto her shoulders,it’s soft,long hair brush softly against her neck. “How’s my baby doing?”The person said to Hitch. “Well I'm feeling pretty good,just tired is all,”Hitch replied,turning around to face the person that had addressed her. It was Sasha Braus,a girl Hitch had met when Hitch served in the military police and when Sasha served in the survey corp.Hitch had been made to go out onto a survey corps mission because they were low on personnel.Hitch had no idea what went on out there and was at a huge risk because she had no experience,so Sasha had always kept close to Hitch,protecting her in case she got into any serious trouble.Since they were always so close to each other when on missions outside the walls,they eventually grew closer and closer and eventually fell in love after many conversations and intimate moments out in the field.Sasha proposed to Hitch out on the mission,and when they got back they ecstatically got married to each other as soon as they possibly could.Since then,they lived inside the first wall,where most of the more well off people could be found.Seeing as how Sasha was a hero of the survey corps and Hitch had once been a member of the military police,they had been granted a very good pay from the Queen because of both their services. Sasha was about 5 foot 6,which Hitch also happened to be.She was wearing a khaki colored short sleeve t-shirt,the type of shirt they got back when they were active in the survey corps and a pair of pyjama pants,brown and cut off around the ankles.She had reddish-brown hair,and it was styled in a thick ponytail behind her head with bangs covering her forehead.She had light brown eyes,and a cute face.When looking at her body,she had about c-cup breasts and her thighs were curvier than they were about 8 months ago,which may have something to do with Sasha’s pregnancy. The part of her body I neglected to mention was that she has a very round,swollen pregnant stomach,which her shirt attempted to cover but could really only cover the area above her protruding navel,leaving the rest of her belly bare and visible.She was about seven and a half months with triplets,and her belly was looking more bulbous and globular than ever before.Sasha placed her right hand on the exposed part of her stomach,rubbing it back and forth,trying to soothe the fierce kicks erupting from that side. “How are the babies doing,my love?”Hitch said,softly pressing two hands to the taut yet smooth surface of her partner’s gravid midsection,it’s large presence being further accentuated by the ridiculously small shirt that barely covered any part of Sasha’s belly. “Slightly active,but they aren't hurting.How about you?How are my baby’s babies doing?”Sasha said,pressing her left hand to Hitch’s round,orbicular pregnant stomach, which too held three inhabitants.Hitch had been pregnant for the same amount of time as Sasha had,albeit Sasha's belly was slightly bigger.The nightgown flowing down her body was being stretched by her sizeable girth,pressing against the gown’s fabric,straining it and causing it to accentuate the curve of her round middle. Hitch had wavy,light brown hair which went to about chin length.Her eyes were bright green and she weighed 53 kg before the pregnancy,but with all the extra weight her big belly put on her now it was likely double that size.Hitch was quite lazy at times,but her pregnancy really kicked her responsibility and maternal instincts into full drive,which meant she cleaned up the house daily and often went out for all the errands for her and Sasha. Sasha was an expert archer and her most loved three aspects of her life are these,in order: 1.Her and Hitch’s unborn children,who she loved being pregnant with but also couldn't wait to see them. 2.Hitch,the woman she devoted the rest of her life to being with. 3.Potatoes.Sasha loves potatoes. No one can really pinpoint why Sasha has such a profound love for the things.Most people don't think potatoes are very tasty while raw but she would take a potato that was uncooked and just start eating into it.Whenever she would see a potato,she’d start drooling and immediately feel gravitated towards it.Hitch didn't understand why,but it did add more weight to Sasha in all of the right places and that is something Hitch would never complain about,especially when they’re active in intimate sexual contact fairly frequently. “Hey,Hitch,can you go out and buy us some potatoes please?”Sasha said with a hopeful look on her eyes.Hitch sighed, “I will if you come with me.I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with you this week,”Hitch said,grabbing a grocery bag in one hand and stroking her belly with the other. “Well of course I'll come with you,anything for my beautiful wife,”Sasha said,kissing Hitch and pushing her belly up against her wife’s bringing them closer together.Hitch’s face turned red as Sasha stared into her lover’s eyes.She whispered into her wife’s ear, “When we get home,the potatoes can wait for a while because you always come first on the menu for me,”Hitch was beet red,her pelvis became wet and her nipples stood up from her partner’s intoxicating words and presence.Sasha kissed Hitch and linked her hand with hers.Sasha walked gingerly out the door with Hitch holding her hand next to her,still stuck in the brief moment back in their house. “Is something wrong,baby?”Sasha said to Hitch,concerned.Hitch snapped out of it and replied, “W-what?Y-yeah!O-of course everything is f-fine w-why wouldn't it be?”Sasha was still slightly doubtful but she decided to listen to her wife and not bother her about it. Hitch hadn't felt emotion like that from Sasha in a while,so it had immediately flooded her with feelings of euphoria and arousal.It was a clever and very strategic tease,getting Hitch turned on right before leaving for the store so that when they got back it would feel amazing.Hitch wanted to pounce on her lover like a tiger, right then and there in the middle of the street.But since it was a public place and Sasha had planned such an articulate and genius move back in the house,it wouldn't feel right. So Hitch decided to wait for the sensation because waiting would make it so,so much sweeter.
Annie stared out one of the windows in her home,staring out at the streets,with people moving in and out of shops and houses.She noticed a young pregnant woman shopping with her spouse and she smiled.The woman made Annie think about her very own children,the sleeping babies in her womb right then.She slid her right hand onto the side of her round girth.She was said to be expecting twins,but with the size her stomach was she wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being more,probably triplets.Her blue eyes stared at her belly,its width and length concealing her feet from coming into view,Not even her toes poked out.Annie often thought it was funny,and tried her best to find her feet but her gravid stomach was quite large and prevented that. Annie heard a voice deeply exhale from behind her and say, “A-Annie,can you help me?”Annie turned her head to see the person’s troubles,moving a strand of her blonde hair out of eyesight. It was her wife,Mikasa,struggling to exit the rocking chair she was inhabiting,her big gravid belly stopping her from making it out of the chair’s clutches.Annie smiled and laughed as her wife’s inability to get out of the chair,finding it charming and cute.Annie walked over to Mikasa,who was not amused and was still sitting down. “So can you stop messing around and help me please?”Mikasa said,clearly frustrated,which made Annie find her even cuter. “Okay,okay,I'll help you Mika,”Annie replied,calling Mikasa by the nickname she had given her when they started dating,which Mikasa used to find annoying but came around to it eventually. Mikasa had short,black hair that went down to her neck,along with a eye color that could be described as a mesmerizing,deep grey.She was a very beautiful woman,standing at 170 cm and was 68 kg before becoming pregnant.She had thin,pink lips that Annie loved to lock lips with. But most prominent of Mikasa’s figure was her big stomach.And oh boy was it a big one.Out of all previously mentioned women,Mikasa took the cake for sheer size and girth,Her stomach more taut and swollen then the rest of the women’s childbearing midsections.It rested under Mikasa’s white nightgown,which stretched to its absolute limits every time Her stomach moved.If she leaned back and placed her hands on her lower back,you could see and feel the gown pushing itself it it's boundaries,the fabric would stretch and hug tightly to Mikasa’s stomach,the full curve of her gestating middle being fully accentuated and expressed.The reason her stomach was so annular and orbicular was because of how replete with offspring her womb was.She was carrying five children,quintuplets,in her pregnancy and it really came out in her belly. “Ok,come on,let's help you up honey,”Annie said smiling as Mikasa still upset with Annie reluctantly took Annie’s hand.After getting Mikasa a slight distance off of the seat,Annie wrapped her left arm around Mikasa’s back,assisting in lifting her up.The two lovers sides pressed together as Annie helped the very pregnant Mikasa out of the chair.Once they were both on their feet,their sides were touching,their large stomach masses side-by-side.Mikasa’s was longer and wider,but Annie still had a great stomach,which is why she believed she was having triplets. “Look at your belly,Annie,it’s really big yet in the best way.It’s perfectly taut and swollen,and skin so smooth you can't help but ran your hands across it.But look at me,”Mikasa said poking her massive midsection, “I look like a mountain,”Mikasa said,sadly.Annie laughed which made Mikasa turn her head away from Annie,tears forming in her eyes. “Guess I can't count on the woman I love for reassurance,”Mikasa said with a mix of sadness and anger in her voice,tears running down her cheeks.She tried to pull away from Annie,but Annie pulled her back and turned her head so she was facing Annie. “Mikasa,I love you.Do you really think I don't find you attractive?”Annie said to Mikasa,concern in her eyes. “W-well,”Annie stopped her by placing a finger on her lips. “Baby,I laughed because of how ridiculous of a claim that is to me.Here,let me show you what I mean,”Annie said,wrapping her arm back around Mikasa and walking side by side with her into their bathroom. They stared into the mirror,standing side-by-side.Annie grabbed Mikasa by her upper arm and turned her sideways.She gripped Mikasa’s arms,showing Mikasa she was determined to prove to her wife that she believed she was beautiful. “For example,look at your face Mikasa,I've never seen a more beautiful complexion.And your hair is just the type of length I like,dark black and going down to your neck,”despite being 153 cm tall as opposed to Mikasa’s 170,and being less pregnant than Mikasa is,Annie when determined had just as strong of a demeanor and aura. “And look at this bosom!I have NEVER seen a more ample pair of breasts,tender and sensitive,full and perky.I could play with these gifts from the gods all day!”Annie said,cupping and groping Mikasa’s breasts with excitement and emotion.Mikasa moaned slightly,her face turning red,gritting her teeth to refrain from screaming out of pure pleasure.Her wife’s soft hands touching her rack and expertly handling her tits caused her nipples to stick out and her vagina to become wet. “Yes!Even better,just feel these nipples!So excited and intrigued!”Annie said with enthusiasm,softly circling her thumbs over and around Mikasa’s sensitive nipples. Mikasa was moaning quietly,smiling and staring at her wife’s show of affection to her heavily gravid form. “And feel this cake,”Annie said,feeling Mikasa’s thighs then grabbing her asscheeks. “Round,and thick and so much fun to hold onto at night or play with whenever.Your time in the survey corps gave you megs curves and this pregnancy has boosted that by a huge mile,”Mikasa blushed deep red at her partner’s sexual touch and words. “And finally,this bulbous,orbicular,annular,massive pregnant belly,”Annie said with a crazy look. “It's so round,taut and swollen yet skin so smooth,busting out of your nightgown which is being strained under its sheer girth,”Annie said.Mikasa noticed the look in her wife’s eyes, “I-I get it Annie,you love my body and all but I'm a little worried,you seem more enthusiastic than usual,”Mikasa said smiling and nervously laughing,Annie caressing and examining her pregnant stomach. “Why would you be worried love,I would never hurt you,I'm just…”Annie closed her eyes for a second and placed a kiss on Mikasa’s round stomach. “...obsessed,”She finished,standing up straight. She suddenly stood on her tiptoes,grabbing onto Mikasa’s shoulders and bring her up to eye level.She locked lips with Mikasa,kissing her wife deeply.Mikasa was caught off guard,but decided to close her eyes and take in the moment.Annie stepped down back to her normal height. “Let’s get out of this bathroom baby,there’s barely enough space in there for are pregnant selves,”Annie said with a devilish grin.Mikasa’s cheeks were red and her body was raging.Annie had got to Mikasa in all the right places that her sex drive was at full scale,her pregnancy fueled hormones making them flame up even more. Annie was petite,her big round stomach being accentuated over everything else due to her short stature.Her blonde hair was so mesmerizing,her blue eyes like the ocean,her ample chest like two melons.Annie walked with Mikasa back into their bedroom,where they stopped next to the bed.Annie’s hormones were also raging like Mikasa’s.The couple was in their collective eight month phase and were more excited than ever.Annie was wearing a tight,white t-shirt that clung to her breasts,the shape of her sensitive and stiff nipples poking through the fabric.The shirt attempted to go past her belly button but failed,sticking to her stomach,making it look ever so larger.She had slept not in panties that night but in just a g-string,which rode right down her buttcrack and showed off the growth her backside had gone through since her pregnancy. The whole scene of Annie standing in next to the bed,belly,breasts and butt so perfectly highlighted by her kinky choice of clothes was too much for Mikasa to manage.She rushed in with her hands and grabbed her wife’s breasts,then went in for a deep kiss.Annie kissed back,pushing her lover’s arms further onto her body,encouraging Mikasa to keep touching her. Annie pushed Mikasa slightly away.She grabbed the bottom of the short shirt and hoisted it up over her head,tossing it aside onto the floor.She looped her fingers around the cloth of the g-string and pulled it down as far as her pregnant body allowed.She had to stop right above the knees,which prompted her to lay on the bed and say, “Aw,I can't get these all the way off,can you help me Mikasa?”Annie said in a sensual voice.Mikasa nodded and touched Annie’s legs,grabbing onto the g-string.She slid it off of Annie slowly,her soft hands gliding over Annie’s smooth skin.The g-string came off,and was very quickly cast aside by Mikasa.Annie sat up on the bed,and got onto her knees on it. Now,Annie was exposed in her full nude and heavily pregnant glory,bulbous belly stuck outwards,demanding attention be shown to it.Mikasa touched a hand to Annie’s stomach,then dragged it upwards,running it across Annie’s right breast,forcing a small moan out of her.Her hand moved up from the breast and onto Annie’s cheek,where it grabbed her and pulled her into a passionate kiss with her lover.Mikasa pulled away from her forceful kiss,then turned her back to face Annie. “Could you help me with this,my love?”Mikasa said,attempting to sound more sexy and alluring.And for Annie,well it was definitely working because her nipples were harder than bedrock. “Of course I will!”Annie said with emotion as she grabbed the nightgown and ripped the back of it in two.She turned Mikasa back around,and had Mikasa pull her arms out of the sleeves of the night gown.Annie tossed the ruined clothing article out of the way and sat back,appearing to be in a state of hypnosis. Annie took in Mikasa’s gravid and wondrous form.Her huge and round stomach was exposed,so big her body could barely support it while standing.Her breasts were so tender and full,more than just ample.Her thighs were so thick and her butt so round and juicy.Mikasa’s face was looking red as a tomato,and Annie loved it. “We are about to have a wonderful time,my love,” Annie said.
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2018.12.08 11:57 ellevo12 When all your dreams come true.

Cloud. Shulk. Lucina and Chrom and Marth Ike etc etc. and so many others and JOKER during Valentine’s month stealing yo heart all over again. (Calling a Phantom Thief or Shujin Academy/Shibuya-themed arena for that release. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE THE MUSIC I BLASTED WAKE UP GET UP GET OUT JUST TO FEEL ALIVE AND I FELT SO ALIVE. Hope it’s the Casino!)
I can’t believe how far I am from unlocking Cloud. Never played ssb with Cloud since I didn’t know he was even DLC in the Wii U. It’s unfair. FOR CURIOSITY’S SAKE how long to reach him in story mode, which seems to lay out the unlockable characters differently than custom battles?

Most importantly, or as importantly:
This has me so excited re:Joker. I hope they add some other recent FF characters, or Tifa, but Ann Takamaki even as a support would be so cool. I may be a girl but she’s still my best girl.
I have unreasonable hopes tempered by the reality that they’ll never happen but I’ll put it all out there:
Edea Lee from Bravely is also on my wish list. Or DARK KNIGHT ALTERNIS DIM/his other, foppish counterpart. Anyone from Octopath would make me happy too but I feel the game’s style would be a stretch. Maybe a sticker just to see Therion and Primrose. (Joker, Sexy Cat, defiant chibi duchess, thief, dancer, I like my rogues.)
...I’d really like Noctis from FFXV too though. So many weapons. / I’ve accepted I’ll never see a Suikoden character again outside of their games. Not really because I want to be Nash Latkje or Chris Lightfellow or McDohl always, or Mr. Blue Lightning himself, but again, it wouldn’t tantalize the masses so much as just me and the cache of nerds who love those games. (First three and Gaidens. Let’s not get it twisted.) Stocke (given the updated Radiant Historia) would be awesome but I fear he and Shulk are kind of twins with their feathery flaxen locks and stylish red everything. I also would love Celia or Alm from Echoes if they’re going to stick to ‘recent but also classic’ characters.
What are you predictions or unlikely hopes?
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2018.10.19 18:33 pearl104 [Manga Spoilers] The great PLAN and Historia's role

Hi Everyone! This is my first post (using a brand new account) in this subreddit, tho I’ve been lurking around for some time. I really enjoy reading theories here (thanks for the great works!) and after finishing Chp 110, I was suddenly inspired by something which led to this post.
This is a long post of a far-fetched theory filled with subjective speculations. If it still intrigues you, please keep on reading. Also English is not my native language so much appreciated if you could bear with me when sometimes it’s hard to articulate myself :)

The Plan

So let’s say there is a well-thought Uprising 2.0 PLAN ongoing to overthrow the military’s de facto control and reign of Paradis, paralleling and following the meticulously contrived and executed Grim Reminder 2.0 plan in Liberio. However it always feels a bit odd to me that this time in Paradis, for the most apparently suspicious factions of people in our sight, NONE of them seems to be acting as to lead or advance such plan to their FULL understandings.
Eren, Zeke, Yellena, Floch & co all seem to miss certain critical pieces of information or details to effectively and timely carry out the PLAN. They all rather seem to be PART of the plan and were following others’ lead by receiving guidance or instructions.
It got me thinking what if there is ACTUALLY someone behind the scenes who could glue these people together and direct their ways to eventually achieve whatever their goals are. SOMEONE who is hiding in the shadow, collecting information and monitoring things as they progress. SOMEONE who is able to access highly confidential military data and proposals (even discovering corruptions) and is aware of Zackley’s personal hobby of art collection. SOMEONE who has abundant political consciousness and reputation to take advantage of the ignorant populace for rabble-rousing. SOMEONE who manages to develop adherents in the military and portrait Eren as Eldian’s hero to summon mass followers.
SOMEONE, the ONLY one (except for our sleeping beauty in the cocoon), who hasn’t spoken a SINGLE word after time-skip to the point it even gives me vibes that Isayama is reluctant to show this person’s POV deliberately for storytelling purpose.
Yes, it’s Historia.
I believe Historia, of her own accord, serves a much more significant role since the Marley Arc than we expected, using her pregnancy in disguise, plays 4D chess and connects various parties together to execute the plan. After SC retreating to Paradis, it was her who assigned Floch & co to leak information of Eren’s imprisonment to the public. It was her who sent new recruits to assassinate Zackley and sabotaged military’s plan to replace the FT. It was her who let military undercovers to free Eren’s cult and set the time and venue for their rendezvous. The military guards protecting/spying on her in the farm are rather her messengers and farmer-kun is of course in her team.

Erwin’s legacy

…..yes, the silent melancholic Historia.
B-but how could it be? It’s the cute absurdly honest blondie political pawn we are talking about! How can she be this ruthless manipulative pragmatic monster who waived moral standards to achieve her goals at the cost of her own pregnancy and her friends’ lives in peril? And she’s only got like 4/10 of intelligence in the official stat book!
Indeed. But knowing Isayama and his fetish for plot twists, we simply cannot rule out such possibility. In defence of her intelligence, don’t forget this might just be for the fake “Krista Lenz” instead of the real “Historia Reiss”. In fact, Historia had been successfully deceiving everyone by putting on her good girl facade for 3 whole years only for Ymir (and maybe Eren partly) who shared a more intimate relationship with her to see her through. She must be smart enough to play a completely different self without inflicting mental trauma like Reiner.
Unlike Krista, Historia is a sophisticated sensible individual with resolute mindsets and volition when being confronted in imminent danger, showcased by her capability to calmly and objectively recognising the situation and deducing the truth in the cave scene and quickly coming to terms with herself and even to the conclusion to kill her own father. Another more subtle example is during Uprising 1.0 when the evil Armin pulled out an insidious hypothetical coup plan in front of the 104 cadets, Historia did not even show any surprise or discomfort on her face like others when hearing it. She might have even remembered it by heart. Perhaps she’s always been ready to abandon her humanity like Armin as well.
Interestingly, she’s also among the rare ones in the manga that even Erwin showed respect and admiration for, case in point being in Chp 69 during coronation. (English translation of what Erwin was thinking on this page is not accurate. In Japanese, it was “まさか本当に仕留めてしまうとは…” with direct translation being “didn’t expect she could really finish off (Rod titan) like that…”(with a gentle smile on Erwin's face) )
Now this part of my thoughts is reaching indeed. I believe the real successor of Commander Erwin is NOT Hange (who openly admitted she’s not suitable for the role), NOT Armin (who is more of a strategist with pacifism mindset other than a firmly determined military leader), NOT Jean (who picks up situation real quick but is too compassionate to come up with any brutal plan/strategy with inevitable sacrifices of human lives despite of the grand scheme of things), BUT Queen Historia.
It has been FOUR years since she came into power as the Queen. Tho commonly seen as a figurehead, time and resources in the military shall spare her opportunities to learn and evolve with the sense of urgency to not surrender to her doomed destiny. She always loves reading books and it won’t be a surprise to me if she grasped more tactical knowledges from books left by Erwin or came to the realisation of how politics work around Zackley or learnt more about the world and humanity histories after contacting with Eren to trigger memories.
To me, Historia is a character having potentials to achieve all these deeds. And it is only in my wildest dream that she might some day even go to the frontline to command and fight alongside her people the Walldians in the upcoming wars. What a plot twist it will be if that's actually the case!

Pregnancy and miscellaneous

As to the pregnancy, I do NOT care much about it insofar as it is out of Historia’s own will rather than her being forced. Imo the father might just be farmer-kun for the sake of implementing their ultimate plans and achieving the greater good; or he might be Eren being potentially enthroned as king based on some deeper conspiracies, drama and plot twist. Her child might be conceived out of love, for tactical concerns or even by pure accident. It’s just not the focus and pivotal event to surmise things here.
Last but not least, there are also some far-fetched foreshadowing/ subtle hints/ fun side evidences that I would like to share with you as bonus reads:
Disclaimer*: Historia is my favourite character in the entire series and here I am perhaps just overanalysing things and making excessive efforts to decipher her current circumstances, change of demeanours and potential motives. If my theory is anywhere near the truth, I think it would be an enormous and consistent character development for her as she dauntlessly chose to confront and defy her tragic fate on her own volition.*
Thanks for sticking with me till the end. I’d love to hear your honest opinions on this. Cheers!
TL;DR: Histora plays a much more significant role in the plan since Marley Arc than we expected, if not the mastermind herself. I believe she’s the true successor of Erwin, who as the Queen will command and fight alongside her people to defeat Marley.
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2018.03.15 07:48 master_x_2k Caparazón II

Capítulo Anterior < Indice > Capitulo Siguiente

___________________________Caparazón II___________________________

“Estamos actualizando tu guardarropa,” decidió Lisa, después de que dejáramos a los muchachos.
“¿Qué tiene de malo mi guardarropa?” Pregunté, un poco a la defensiva.
“Nada en realidad. Es solo muy... tu. Lo cuál es el problema.”
“No me estás haciendo sentir mejor ahora.”
“Eres una persona prudente, Taylor. Me gusta eso de ti. Creo que es una adición esencial a la dinámica del grupo,” me llevó a una colección de puestos donde había mucha ropa de mujer, y rápidamente sacó tres vestidos de un estante.
“Brian es cauteloso.”
“Brian y tú son similares, pero no diría que sea cauteloso. Él es... pragmático. Ambos lo son. La diferencia entre ustedes dos es que él ha estado haciendo lo que hace durante tres años. Dos años de experiencia, antes de unirse al grupo. Así que mucho de lo que hace es automático. No piensa un segundo en las pequeñas cosas que ya ha hecho docenas de veces. Él da mucho por sentado.”
“¿Y yo no?”
“Eres observadora, detallista y enfocada. Más que cualquiera de los otros. Observas, interpretas, y luego actúas con esta cuidadosa precisión quirúrgica. Esa es una fortaleza y un defecto.”
“¿Qué tiene esto que ver con mi ropa?”
“Tu personalidad se refleja en tus elecciones de moda. Colores apagados. Marrón, gris, negro, blanco. Si llevas algo con color, lo estás usando debajo de una sudadera, un suéter o una chaqueta. Nunca nada que se destaque. Nunca mostrando mucha piel. Si bien la mayoría de la gente de nuestra edad está escogiendo ropa con la intención de definir una identidad para sí misma, encajar en un grupo, tu estás enfocada en mantenerte fuera de vista y no llamar la atención. Estás siendo demasiado cautelosa, pensando demasiado en cosas que no necesitas, tomando siempre la decisión de ir por lo seguro.”
“Y quieres cambiar eso.” Suspiré.
“Sospecho que eres capaz de sorprender a todos, incluyéndote a ti misma, cuando bajes la guardia, comiences a ser más atrevida e improvises. No solo cuando las circunstancias te obliguen a hacerlo. No estoy hablando solo de ropa, ¿sabes?”
“De alguna manera me di cuenta.”
“Más al punto, te veo alternar entre los mismos dos pares de jeans todos los días, cuando obtuviste un cheque por dos grandes cinco días atrás. Si no te hago comprar ropa, no creo que vayas a hacerlo.”
“Mi papá se preguntará de dónde la saqué,” protesté, mientras ella doblaba un par de blusas sobre uno de mis brazos.
“Me los pediste prestado. O ya no me quedan bien y te los di. O puedes quedárselos en nuestro lugar y no dejarlo más prudente.”
“No me gusta mentirle a mi papá.”
Ella me condujo a un área con cortinas que servía como cuarto de cambio. A través de la cortina, ella me dijo: “Te envidio eso. Pero si no ha descubierto la razón por la cual su vestuario se ha encogido tanto, es probable que no se dé cuenta si tienes ropa nueva.”
Estaba a mitad de quitarme la camisa cuando me llegó, “¿De qué estás hablando?”
“Vamos, Taylor. Sospecharía que tuviste algunos problemas ocurriendo incluso sin, ya sabes ... un pajarito susurrando en mi oído.”
Me apresuré a ponerme el primer vestido de la pila, luego abrí la cortina, “Tendrás que ser un poco más específica, antes de que pueda confirmar o negar algo.”
“Ese no,” hizo un ademan al vestido, un número de cuadros, predominantemente rojo y blanco. Enfadada, cerré la cortina.
Desde el otro lado de la cortina, explicó: “Al principio pensé que tu padre estaba abusando de ti. Pero dejé esa línea de pensamiento bastante rápido después de escucharte hablar de él. Sin embargo, tiene que ser una parte importante de tu vida lo que está apestando, y si no está en casa, entonces tiene que ser la escuela. Brian y Alec están más o menos de acuerdo con mi línea de pensamiento.”
“Has hablado de esto con ellos,” solté las manos de los botones del vestido y dejé que mi cabeza golpeara contra la débil pared de contrachapado de la sala de cambio.
“Sucedió cuando estábamos hablando de que te unieras al grupo, y nunca dejamos el tema en un cien por ciento. Lo siento. Eres nueva, eres interesante, hablamos de ti. Eso es todo lo que es.”
Terminé de arreglar los botones del vestido y abrí la cortina, “¿Alguna vez pensaste que no quería que curiosearas?”
Ella desabrochó el botón superior. “Lo que quieres y lo que necesitas son dos cosas diferentes. Te tiene que quedar el azul. Tira ese sobre la parte superior.” Me empujó dentro y cerró la cortina.
“Lo que necesito es mantener...” Luché para encontrar una manera de redactar cosas que no levantaran sospechas a quien escuchara, “estas dos partes principales de mi vida se separadas.”
“La parte de mierda y la parte que no apesta.”
“Claro, digámoslo así.” Encontré una camiseta y un par de jeans de tiro bajo en la pila de ropa.
“Yo podría ayudar a que las partes apestosas apesten menos,” ofreció.
Juro que mi sangre se volvió fría en mis venas. Podía verla aparecer en la escuela, burlándose de Emma. Creo que la perspectiva de enfrentar a Glory Girl nuevamente me asustaría menos. Luché para arreglar el botón superior de los jeans, lo cual no fue más fácil con mi agitación. Tardé treinta segundos en arreglar el botón, y maldije por lo bajo todo el tiempo. ¿En qué parte del mundo Lisa había encontrado unos vaqueros tan apretados? Cuando los tuve puestos, abrí la cortina y la enfrenté cara a cara.
“Hacerme probar la ropa está bien,” le dije, haciendo mi mejor esfuerzo para mantener la calma. “Pero interfiere directamente en mis problemas, y me voy.”
“¿Así de simple?”
“Así de simple,” le dije, “Lo siento.”
Se veía un poco herida, “Bien.” Haciendo un poco de pucheros, agitó una mano en dirección a mi ropa, “¿Qué piensas?”
Traté de ajustar el collar. Me gustó el diseño abstracto en el lado derecho de la camisa, pero el cuello escote en v llegaba a un punto cerca de donde terminaba mi caja torácica y empezaba mi estómago. “La parte superior está muy baja, los jeans demasiado ajustados.”
“Necesitas acostumbrarte a mostrar algo de escote. Como dije, sé valiente en tus elecciones de moda.”
“Estaría bien si mostrara algo de escote si tuviera algo que mostrar,” señalé.
“¿Eres una flor tardía?,” probó.
“Mi madre era una copa B[1], y no siempre, dependiendo de la marca del sujetador. Y eso fue después de que ella subió a un tamaño parcial estando embarazada de mí.”
“Eso es jodidamente trágico.”
Me encogí de hombros. Me había resignado a ser una escoba delgada y lisa como una tabla prácticamente desde el principio de la pubertad. Solo tenía que mirar la genética de cada lado de mi familia para saber qué me esperaba.
“Y mis condolencias por tu madre. No lo sabía.”
“Lo aprecio.” Suspiré. “Estoy vetando la camisa.”
“Bien, tiene permiso, pero guardamos los jeans. Muestran tu figura.”
“La figura de un niño de trece años,” me quejé.
“Eres más alta que un niño de trece años, no seas tonta. Además, como sea que te veas, cualquiera que sea tu tipo de cuerpo, seguramente habrá alguien que piense que eres la persona más sexy que hayan visto en su vida.”
“Fantástico,” murmuré, “Hay un pedófilo perturbado por ahí con mi nombre en él.”
Lisa se rió, “Ve, intenta algo más. Pero tira los jeans por encima. Te los compro, y si nunca los usas, tendré que conformarme con que te sientas culpable por ello.”
“Encuéntrame los mismos jeans de un talle más grande, y los usaré,” negocié. Luego, antes de que ella pudiera protestar, agregué: “Van a encogerse en el lavado.”
“Buen punto. Iré a buscar.”
Las cosas continuaron en esa línea durante un tiempo, con Lisa haciendo un poco de compras para ella también. Nos limitamos a hablar sobre la ropa, y estaba claro que Lisa evitaba cuidadosamente el tema anterior. Cuando terminamos, la mujer de la registradora lo colocó en un bloc de notas y nos pasó la hoja de papel. Cuatrocientos sesenta dólares.
“Yo invito,” dijo Lisa.
“¿Estás segura?,” Le pregunté.
“Un soborno a cambio de tu silencio,” Lisa me guiñó un ojo.
“¿Acerca de?”
Miró a la cajera, “Después.”
Fue solo después de que dejamos el puesto bien atrás, las dos cargadas con bolsas, que Lisa elaboró. “Hazme un favor y no vayas a decirle a la pandilla lo mal que paso cosas por alto, en específico que Panacea era una de los rehenes. Si preguntan directamente, puedes decirles: No te pediré que mientas. Pero si no preguntan, ¿tal vez no lo menciones?”
“Este es el silencio que estás comprando?”
“Por favor.”
“Bien,” respondí. Lo habría hecho sin el regalo de la ropa, pero creo que ella lo sabía.
Ella sonrió, “Gracias. Entre ellos, no creo que esos tipos alguna vez me dejarían olvidarlo.”
“¿Los dejarías, si las tablas estuvieran giradas?”
“Ni loca,” se rió.
“Es lo que pensaba.”
“Pero sobre nuestra conversación anterior... lo último que diré sobre el tema esta noche, lo prometo. Si alguna vez decides que si quieres que interfiera directamente en tus asuntos personales, solo dilo.”
Fruncí el ceño, lista para enojarme, pero cedí. Fue una oferta honesta, sin presionarme a nada. “Bueno. Gracias, pero estoy bien.”
“Entonces eso está arreglado. Vamos a comer.”
Fugly Bobs era comida rápida del tipo más desvergonzada, vendida en un restaurante parte bar parte choza al borde del mercado, con vistas a la playa. Cualquiera que haya vivido en el área probablemente haya comido allí una vez, en algún momento. Cualquier persona con algún sentido esperaba un año para dar a su corazón la oportunidad de recuperarse. Era el tipo de lugar con hamburguesas tan grasientas que, si pedías comida para llevar, ya podías ver a través de la bolsa de papel cuando llegaste a casa. La hamburguesa especial era Fugly Bob Challenger: si podías terminarla, no tenías que pagarla. Probablemente no hacía falta decir que la mayoría de la gente pagaba.
Brian y Alec ya estaban allí cuando llegamos, y pedimos nuestra comida de inmediato. Lisa y yo acordamos dividir una hamburguesa con queso y tocino, Brian pidió un churrasco portobello de dos piezas y Alec lo igualo con una Hideous Bob: la equivalente de Big Mac de Fugly Bob.
Ninguno de nosotros tenía era tan hambriento, valiente o tonto como para ordenar el Challenger.
Brian y Alec habían estado sentados afuera para que pudieran vernos cuando llegáramos. Después de un breve debate, acordamos quedarnos en la mesa en la que estaban sentados. Era cerca de la ventana, así que pudimos ver la televisión. Todavía estaba lo suficientemente frío como para que la mayoría de la gente se hubiera aventurado adentro. Los únicos que estaban afuera eran unos muchachos en edad universitaria, y estaban sentados en el otro extremo del patio, ocupados con cerveza y el juego en el televisor. El principal beneficio era que teníamos la suficiente privacidad como para hablar.
“No quiero ser un fastidioso,” dijo Brian, mirando las pilas de bolsas, “Pero dije que no deberían gastar tanto tan pronto después de un atraco. Es el tipo de cosas que buscan los policías y las capas.”
“Tranquilo,” Lisa lo rechazó, “solo llama la atención con las compañías de tarjetas de crédito o los bancos si se trata de un cambio dramático en los hábitos de gasto de una persona determinada. Compro cerca de esta cantidad de cosas cada semana o dos.”
Brian frunció el ceño. Parecía que quería decir algo en respuesta, pero mantuvo la boca cerrada.
“Entonces, ¿qué viene después?,” Le pregunté.
“Cena, luego postre,” respondió Alec, su atención en la televisión dentro.
“Quise decir en términos de nuestra,” bajé la voz, “actividad ilícita.” Un rápido vistazo comprobó que los chicos universitarios al final del patio seguían absortos en el juego. No pude entender nada de lo que estaban diciendo, y estaban siendo ruidosos, así que estaba bastante segura de que no podían oírnos.
“¿Hay algo que quieras hacer?,” Me preguntó Brian.
“Algo menos intenso,” decidí, “me siento como si hubiera saltado al fondo de la piscina sin saber exactamente cómo nadar.” Prefiero conocer mejor mis poderes en el campo, descubrir cómo enfrentar las situaciones, antes de enfrentarme a personas como Lung y Glory Girl, que son literalmente capaces de despedazarme miembro por miembro.”
“Ah. Algo más fácil entonces.”
“Si Rachel estuviera aquí, te volvería a llamar cobarde,” comentó Alec.
“Tendré que alegrarme de que ella no esté aquí, entonces,” sonreí.
Nuestra comida llegó, y usamos platos adicionales para repartir nuestros pedidos individuales, así que todos tuvimos un poco de cada uno. Eso nos dejó a cada uno de nosotros una mezcla de papas fritas, batatas fritas, aros de cebolla y calabacín frito en un plato individual. Los lados solos habrían sido más que suficientes alimentos crudos para una comida en sí misma, pero también estaban las hamburguesas, cada una lo suficientemente grande como para ocupar casi un plato entero. Lisa y yo cortamos la hamburguesa con queso y tocino por la mitad, y cada uno tomamos una porción.
“Supongo que no eres del tipo que gana peso,” me miró Lisa.
“Tengo que esforzarme para aumentar.”
“Maldición,” refunfuñó.
“Si te sirve de consuelo,” le dije, después de darle un mordisco y limpiarme la boca con una servilleta, “esto va a hacer estragos con mi piel.”
“Eso ayuda,” sonrió.
Alec puso los ojos en blanco, “Suficiente con la charla de niñas.”
“¿De qué quieres hablar, entonces?,” Lisa le preguntó.
Él se encogió de hombros y tomó un bocado de su hamburguesa.
Tuve una sugerencia “Sé que es una especie de cliché, pero cuando las personas con poderes se juntan, ¿no es una especie de estándar compartir historias de origen?”
Aparentemente, no podría haber elegido una mejor manera de matar la conversación. Lisa se dio la vuelta, por una vez sin una sonrisa en su rostro. Brian y Alec me miraron de forma extraña, sin decir nada.
“¿Qué?” Pregunté. Comprobé dos veces que no había nadie al alcance del oído. “¿Qué dije?”
[1] La copa B americana, es casi la mas pequeña en una escala alfabética que empieza en la AA (nada)

Capítulo Anterior < Indice > Capitulo Siguiente

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2015.04.19 16:14 notnotnoveltyaccount Weekly Kickstarter Roundup (4/19): New projects include Periorbis, Hoplomachus: Origins, Mighty Heroes and the Monster Zone, Skulldug!, and more

This list is for new game projects (no RPGs, dice, or decks of cards) in the Tabletop Games category from the previous week, and projects ending this week that either will be funded or are at least 70% funded. If I missed something, please add a link in the comments.

New last week


Aiya! is a card game that makes learning Chinese vocabulary and grammar fun!
This project will only be funded if at least $8,000 is pledged by Tue, May 19 2015 1:39 AM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/696207531/aiya/?ref=kicktraq

Hash Brothers presents "Pipes & Lighters"

Hash Brothers introduces Pipes and Lighters: a board game of curiosity, culture, and cannabis!
This project will only be funded if at least $20,000 is pledged by Sat, May 23 2015 10:08 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1042463735/hash-brothers-presents-pipes-and-lighters/?ref=kicktraq

Thinktanku: the party game for creative thinking!

Thinktanku is the hilarious party game where players use their imagination to create new ideas!
This project will only be funded if at least $15,000 is pledged by Mon, May 18 2015 9:47 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/michaelmilano/thinktanku-the-party-game-for-creative-thinking/?ref=kicktraq

Periorbis: The deep space mining board game for 2-6 players

A fresh take on worker placement featuring a unique orbital mechanic. Periorbis is a game of skill and strategy set in deep space.
This project will only be funded if at least £15,000 is pledged by Mon, May 18 2015 3:00 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gdmnw/periorbis-the-deep-space-mining-board-game-for-2-6/?ref=kicktraq

Sky Relics: A Sky Adventure Awaits

Using miniature models of SkyShips, claim your stake in Targus by utilizing a combination of rustic technologies and the arcane.
This project will be funded on Wed, May 27 2015 1:24 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/627279234/sky-relics-a-sky-adventure-awaits/?ref=kicktraq

BIT! The Card Game

BIT! is a card game about zombies, obscure video game references and ruining friendships. What more could you possible want in life?
This project will only be funded if at least $9,000 CAD is pledged by Sat, May 16 2015 9:30 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ihowl/bit-the-card-game/?ref=kicktraq

Spell Duel

A PVP Spell Casting Dice Game
This project will only be funded if at least $8,000 is pledged by Tue, May 12 2015 5:50 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1140460218/spell-duel/?ref=kicktraq

Pooping Unicorns

Pooping unicorns is the perfect way to combine your sexy wit and humor in a unique card game.
This project will only be funded if at least $9,500 CAD is pledged by Sun, May 17 2015 3:43 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1065944628/pooping-unicorns/?ref=kicktraq

Cribbage Twist - classic card game with a board game TWIST!

Keep 5 cards, twist your opponent, spin and move, trade places and more. Everything you need to win OR lose up to the very last hand!
This project will only be funded if at least $84,400 is pledged by Sun, May 17 2015 3:27 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2104808693/cribbage-twist-classic-card-game-with-a-board-game/?ref=kicktraq

Millennium Blades -- The CCG-Simulator Board Game

Millennium Blades is a Board Game about a group of friends who play a Collectible Card Game called Millennium Blades.
This project will be funded on Sun, May 17 2015 9:00 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/level99games/millennium-blades-the-ccg-simulator-board-game/?ref=kicktraq

Noun Hound

Noun Hound is a fun, fast paced and educational word game for the whole family.
This project will only be funded if at least $60,000 is pledged by Sat, May 16 2015 1:01 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nounhound/noun-hound/?ref=kicktraq

Partisan Politics: The Card Game

Partisan Politics is a card game for 3-5 players where you win by building a constituency and gathering support for your issues.
This project will only be funded if at least $7,500 is pledged by Sun, May 31 2015 12:45 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1458051468/partisan-politics-the-card-game/?ref=kicktraq

Hoplomachus: Origins

Hoplo: Origins is the perfect beginning and end to the Hoplo Series. Draft gladiators and outplay your opponent on 3 exotic arenas.
This project will only be funded if at least $26,000 is pledged by Tue, May 12 2015 9:00 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2025187024/hoplomachus-origins/?ref=kicktraq

Hero saves girl

Board game using a new fight system and envolved adventuring format can be played 1 to 8 players. players explore vast areas of enemys.
This project will only be funded if at least $60,000 is pledged by Sun, Jun 14 2015 9:58 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1841123948/hero-saves-girl/?ref=kicktraq

Vampire Hunters

Vampire Hunters is a cooperative board game for 1-4 players. Take the role of a hunter against vampires!
This project will be funded on Tue, May 5 2015 1:00 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1900818244/vampire-hunters/?ref=kicktraq

Wrath of the Old Dog Board Game

Wrath of the Old Dog is a board game where you are part of a pack of neighborhood dogs defending your home from eldritch abominations.
This project will only be funded if at least $2,000 is pledged by Fri, May 15 2015 12:27 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1454475533/wrath-of-the-old-dog-board-game/?ref=kicktraq

Barnyard Legions

The barnyard animals are drawing up battle lines. Which Barnyard Legion will you command?
This project will only be funded if at least $21,000 is pledged by Sun, May 17 2015 3:01 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamesafoot/barnyard-legions/?ref=kicktraq

Mighty Heroes and the Monster Zone

Be a Hero. Only Pirates, Ninjas, Spies, Robots, and Monsters stand in your way In this card-driven board game. Fight, Level-Up and WIN!
This project will only be funded if at least $10,000 is pledged by Thu, May 14 2015 12:13 AM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mightyheroesgames/mighty-heroes-and-the-monster-zone-0/?ref=kicktraq

WHOM - the most revealing party game

The fully illustrated and revealing party game for people that like to overshare and call-out their friends.
This project will only be funded if at least $20,000 is pledged by Fri, May 15 2015 12:49 AM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/690219290/whom-the-most-revealing-party-game/?ref=kicktraq

Requiem Vampire Knight

A game of strategy and combat based on the comic from Pat Mills and Olivier Ledroit.
This project will only be funded if at least $25,000 is pledged by Thu, May 14 2015 1:01 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dreamship/requiem-vampire-knight/?ref=kicktraq


Explore a deadly cave and race to escape with the treasure in this pulp adventure board game.
This project will only be funded if at least $20,000 is pledged by Fri, May 15 2015 1:00 AM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ruddygames/skulldug/?ref=kicktraq

The Apocrypha Adventure Card Game

A card game and roleplaying game in one box, from Mike Selinker and the designers of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.
This project will be funded on Wed, May 13 2015 8:00 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/loneshark/the-apocrypha-adventure-card-game/?ref=kicktraq

The Siblings Trouble

Go on an epic, 30-minute adventure in this card-driven, cooperative, storytelling game inspired by childhood imagination. 2-4 Players.
This project will only be funded if at least $18,000 is pledged by Wed, May 13 2015 1:00 AM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ebaraf/the-siblings-trouble/?ref=kicktraq

Rise of the Dragon Lords

This card game is a mix of a CCG (Magic) and a deckbuilder (Dominion) turned into a dragon battle for sovereignty.
This project will only be funded if at least $14,000 is pledged by Wed, May 13 2015 8:11 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2120886993/rise-of-the-dragon-lords/?ref=kicktraq


Up to four adventurers race to claim the pharaoh’s priceless treasures in this quick-to-learn 'take-that' game.
This project will only be funded if at least $15,000 is pledged by Fri, May 15 2015 9:00 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/laboratory/ejipt/?ref=kicktraq

Historia Capitals and Path of Destiny Expansions

Enhance your game! The two new Historia miniexpansions are coming: Path of Destiny and Capitals.
This project will be funded on Wed, May 13 2015 11:29 AM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/giochix-it/historia-capitals-and-path-of-destiny-expansions/?ref=kicktraq


Send POOP IN A BAG to your friends and enemies! PLUS TWO NEW EDITIONS OF POOP: THE GAME!
This project will only be funded if at least $8,000 is pledged by Tue, May 19 2015 2:00 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/frd/poop-in-a-bag/?ref=kicktraq

HARD DAY'S KNIGHT - A Strategic Card/Dice Game

Complete Quests filled with Magic, Fantasy, and Cthula Girls. Employ cunning strategy and a Motley Crew of characters to be victorious!
This project will only be funded if at least $17,000 is pledged by Thu, May 14 2015 9:00 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/toystorian/hard-days-knight-a-strategic-card-dice-game/?ref=kicktraq

Boss Monster: The Next Level

Become a Boss and crush puny heroes in this sequel to the hit card game! This 160-card set is playable on its own or as an expansion.
This project will be funded on Mon, Apr 27 2015 11:00 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brotherwise/boss-monster-the-next-level/?ref=kicktraq

Have a Cow!

A competitive hand-management game about making hay, gathering cows - plus a dragon, a UFO and even The Hay Fairy!
This project will only be funded if at least $2,500 is pledged by Wed, May 13 2015 7:00 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/n20games/have-a-cow/?ref=kicktraq

MZM - Midnight Zombie Marathon

Fight, flee, and grab all you need to get the last ride out of town... Can you find all you need in the sewers before time is up?
This project will only be funded if at least $1,500 is pledged by Wed, May 13 2015 3:00 AM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/690581977/mzm-midnight-zombie-marathon/?ref=kicktraq

Astrum Resurrectione: The Space Themed Card Game

Astrum Resurrectione: The Casually Competitive Space Themed Card Game for 2-7 Players.
This project will only be funded if at least $3,000 is pledged by Sat, May 16 2015 12:02 AM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1126076452/astrum-resurrectione-the-space-themed-card-game/?ref=kicktraq

One Night Resistance

A game of hidden identities from the makers of The Resistance and One Night Ultimate Werewolf
This project will be funded on Wed, Apr 29 2015 11:00 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2012515236/one-night-resistance/?ref=kicktraq

Dreams of Dystopia - The Deckbuilding Game

Dreams of Dystopia is a highly interactive, combat-centered Deckbuilding Game with a TWIST. Choose your side: Divine or Demonic!
This project will only be funded if at least $6,100 is pledged by Tue, May 12 2015 7:01 PM EDT. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1883684090/dreams-of-dystopia-the-deckbuilding-game/?ref=kicktraq

Ending this week

Wizards Duel

Wizards Duel is a two person card game where players fight it out for supremacy using light, fire, water, and earth spells.
Funding: $4,815 of $1,500 (321% funded). Ends 4/19. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cardifftabletop/wizards-duel/?ref=kicktraq

Ninja All-Stars

Build a team of elite ninja to compete for honor and glory against rival clans.
Funding: $394,142 of $70,000 (563% funded). Ends 4/20. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sodapopminiatures/ninja-all-stars/?ref=kicktraq

Trenton 1776

Washington Crosses the Delaware - Campaign game of the winter of 1776/1777 American Revolution in New Jersey.
Funding: $16,964 of $2,500 (678% funded). Ends 4/21. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1456271622/trenton-1776/?ref=kicktraq

A Chaotic Life! - A Hectic & Strategic Game of Poor Choices!

A tiny card game with MASSIVE story and more than a few bad decisions! Create your life strategy - adapt when your opponents ruin it!
Funding: $23,526 of $2,000 (1176% funded). Ends 4/23. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/grubtongames/a-chaotic-life-a-hectic-and-strategic-game-of-poo?ref=kicktraq

Pixel Glory - Pets Expansion - Pay What You Want

Draft pets to help your quest to outclass your peers, save the village, and obtain Pixel Glory! Base game available for $15!
Funding: $12,344 of $1,000 (1234% funded). Ends 4/24. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/660196782/pixel-glory-pets-expansion-pay-what-you-want/?ref=kicktraq


You are one of the last humans on earth, trying to reach a rumored fortress. Will you survive, or evolve?
Funding: $229,185 of $27,000 (848% funded). Ends 4/24. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/532062403/posthuman/?ref=kicktraq

SALEM: A Strategic Card Game of Deception for 4-12 Players

Accuse and defend your fellow townsfolk as you hunt down the witches of Salem. Act fast, before conspiracy turns you against your own.
Funding: $71,087 of $6,000 (1184% funded). Ends 4/24. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/141297521/salem-a-strategic-card-game-of-deception-for-4-12/?ref=kicktraq
If you're interested in a list of all active Kickstarter projects, see the 2015 Kickstarter geeklist on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/184188/2015-kickstarter-boardgame-projects
Links have the Kicktraq referral code because I use the Kicktraq website to compile this list. I couldn't do it without Kicktraq.
submitted by notnotnoveltyaccount to boardgames [link] [comments]