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My wife of a few years is a wonderful woman great heart lovely person to be around and overall a good person. But sometimes I’m left speechless by how childish she acts when it comes to confrontation . I’m (M24) she’s (F23). Every time I do something or get something different then her it’s like fighting a toddler as to why can’t I go to do something different then her? Just an example this happens 3 to 4 times a month. I said I wanted to sleep on the couch and it caused an argument. When I asked her why she got offended she spouted off she wanted to sleep in the bed as she just stayed on the couch two nights ago. I said alright well I’m going to stay here and sleep on the couch. She then got mad and told me she wanted to have some fun in the bedroom. I told her no I’m not feeling it and haven’t been for a while. I only give it to here when she begs for it as sometimes I’m just not attracted to her in that way anymore thanks to all the fight and what not. I tell her and recommend to her better eating options to accomplish her weight loss goals. She gets mad at me when I try to help coax her in the right direction with things she’s suppose to eat and exercise routines etc. then complains to me on why she’s not losing weight. I’m guaranteed at least 1 fight a month as she decides to yell at me come females time of the month. I then retaliate and jump down her throat for yelling. then she makes me feel bad for defending myself. Her family is fine nice family with good values no problem there. Just here lately I feel like Vince Vaughn in the break up where he just screams to Jennifer Aniston. “I just want to be left the hell alone!” She says she wants kids and I do just I’m having serious second thoughts on if I want them with her as she has gone full blown psychopath before. Our first year of marriage she was punching walls in arguments and acting a fool acting like she was going to hit me etc. even push me once or twice. It stopped 6 months in but ever since then it has just been a slow bicker back and forth. I never hit her never will. But she gets downright hostile towards me and will lock herself in rooms and use manipulation to get me to feel bad which I don’t. I see right through it and it just angers me how she acts so childish over things so petty at times. In arguments her first reaction is anger towards me even if I’m on her side what do I do? I’m not sure I want to build a life with this person as she drives me freaking crazy with her fights. past that she’s great loving attitude and incredible morals values and etc. as soon as sparks fly though she will not hesitate to resort to anger and yelling and crying and acting a complete fool. I really thought I chose the right person we dated for 5 years then married and for it to fall apart over this seems just sad but idk what to do. I try to improve her and help her grow such as getting her Drivers license and how jobs work etc and how to grow as a person but then she just kicks and fights every step of the way and only thanks me after she sees the benefit. She was my high school sweet heart no seems more like my nightmare.
My wife has serious confrontation problems and I’m not sure I want to have kids with her or not due to her actions during confrontations .what do I do (sorry for my grammar I know it’s bad)
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2013.11.18 21:46 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Hello, reddit. I'm Vince Vaughn. AMA!

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Have you ever donated sperm? I’ve practiced, but I’ve never actually donated.
When are you going to settle down and make an honest man out of Owen Wilson? Owen's doing just fine...
What is the most expensive thing you bought when you came into a lot of money that you regret now? I don't spend my money on a lot of things, although the seven sex slaves I bought have become very expensive.
Can you tell us anything about the Dodgeball sequel? I heard that they're working on a script for it. That's all I know. But if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball. Never a truer statement ever said.
Jennifer Aniston's bare ass in 2-d was amazing, what was it like on the set in real life? Equally amazing.
Do you still have that painting Todd painted in Wedding Crashers? I'm not sure where that painting is. But it will always be in my heart.
Hey Vince. I noticed in Wedding Crashers Owen kept calling your character "baba ghanoush." At one point Isla Fisher's character even does it. Inside joke or part of the script? Also, Old School 2? Maybe? Please... Baba Ghanoush was an inside joke. Old School 2 nothing immediately planned although there is a script.
Is it true that you don't own a cell phone? Is your wife okay with this? How do you look up random pieces of information throughout the day? I was late to the party but now I'm the last one to leave. I do currently own a cell phone.
Hi Vince. Do you have any good inside jokes from the set of The Lost World: Jurassic Park? Working with Jeff Goldblum must have sparked a hundred! Goldblum is very funny, I enjoyed being around him. When we were flying from LA to Hawaii to film I would take the plastic from the headphones and put it over my face to look like I was hyperventilating to have some fun with the flight attendants. And Jeff found that to be a particularly interesting choice.
Edit: typo!
You vs. Will Ferrell who wins in a real game of dodgeball? Also congrats on your 533 kids. I'm insulted you have to ask.
Have you ever killed a homeless person to get an erection? Who hasn't?
If you had the chance to motorboat any person in the world who would it be? At this point it would be my wife.
Very PC answer, you motor boating son of a bitch. Gotta go home at night.
Mr. Mantooth, How much fun was filming Anchorman, and Anchorman 2? Any funny, behind-the-scenes stories you can share? Big fan of all your work. Lots of fun - nothing too crazy from behind the scenes.
Hi Vince, I’m a big fan of the French-Canadian film Starbuck. Had you seen the movie before signing on to do Delivery Man? Are there many differences between the two films? We have the same writer-director who did the US Version. When DreamWorks came to me to do the movie I was excited to know that it was the same writedirector, and I asked him why are you wanting to do this movie again. He's a very passionate filmmaker, he was very excited to tell the story here. There are some differences between the film but the core of the story is the same.
When did you and Owen become such great bros? Owen came to a boxing gym that I used to work at. That was the first time that I met him.
Would you ever consider reprising your roll as Luke Zoolander? Sure.
How much of Couples Retreat was a vacation as opposed to actual work? Filming in Bora Bora must have been tough. It was a beautiful place to film. No complaints.
What is your fantasy role as an actor? if someone gave you unlimited funding and no creative boundaries what kind of movie would you write/direct? Strength and conditioning coach for the Swedish Women's swim team. And don't crowd my creativity with a time table and budget.
I am really looking forward to your new movie. As I have 4 kids and I love them all. What was it like being with the Anchorman crew again? DOROTHY MANTOOTH is a SAINT!!! It was fun! And Dorothy Mantooth is a saint!
While being one of the funniest people in the world today, I always thought you were very effective in your darker, villainous roles in the likes of the Psycho remake, Clay Pigeons, South of Heaven West of Hell, and Domestic Disturbance. Did you enjoy playing those parts? I did enjoy playing those parts. As people you many sides to yourself. So it's fun to get to explore those in a role. And that's what's fun in the Delivery Man film, it allows itself to be funny and touching and dramatic under all one roof.
Hey Vince, huge fan of your work. Any chance we'll see you in the Anchorman sequel? I can confirm. Yes.
I'm early for a great AMA? What to ask you Vince!!?? What do you do on a typical Saturday morning? Fight crime and hang glide.
Do you hate Steve Bartman, or do you feel bad for him? There is no middle ground... You cannot make up the rules of the universe. We're moving past that unfortunate incident.
VINCE!!! Thanks for doing this AMA!! What were your best memories growing up in Lake Forest? Lighting off fireworks in cornfields.
How was it working with Chris Pratt? Chris is great. Genuine guy. Funny. He’s going to be around for a long time...
Any plans to open a Speaker City near Denver? Denver needs a Speaker City!
How much of the dialogue in Swingers was improvised? I've always wondered how much of the "...and she's this little bunny..." speech was off the cuff... I've enjoyed watching your films. A lot of the lines were things we said in our daily lives and Jon used them in the screenplay.
I just realized how tall you are, has that ever given you problems with casting because you might tower over other people? I've been known to have to take my shoes off occasionally on set.
What's it like to anchor the number TWO rated news station in San Diego? Gives you something to strive for.
Do you feel like you've done everything you wanted to do careerwise? If not, what do you still want to do? Go to the moon.
Hey Vince! Thanks for the AMA. I don't really have a question, but my mom thinks you're super hot and we both love your movies. I was wondering if you could give a shout out to my mom, Amy? What's up you and mom, Amy!
If you could sum up Delivery Man into 5 words in order to get me to go watch it, what would you say? You’ll be glad you did.
Have you ever considered directing? You're associated with other actors who have also directed (Jon Favreau, Ben Stiller) and can see them acting as great mentors/influence if you were ever interested in the idea. Would be open to it. I've collaborated on some films which have been fun but no plans right away.
Hello vince, What's your favorite movie of all time? What bands/artists are you currently listening to? Have you heard of this guy called Mozart?
If you weren't an actor, what do you imagine you would you be doing right now instead of this AMA? Foot masseuse.
What's your opinion on internet dating? Whatever works for you.
What's the worst question we could possibly ask you? But don't give us the answer. Do I sleep naked in the snow?
Vince, I was won over by Ron Paul’s straight talk and solid ideas. Who do you think is going to be able to take the mantle for Libertarian leaning folks? I as well am a fan of Ron Paul.
Hi Vince! You are working on another movie with Ken Scott. What did you like in him as a director? - Can you tell us a little bit about Business Trip? Clean breath. Well showered. Business Trip is bad ass.
Hey Vince as a big fan of your films and a diehard hockey fan I’m excited you’re doing this AMA. I’ve always thought it was really cool how much of a Blackhawks fan you are. Two questions. Do you have a favorite current Hawks player? Do you still wish you could bitch-slap Wayne? That was a fun scene in Swingers but Wayne truly is the great one.
Any plans to work again with Jon Favreau? Big fan of Swingers and Made. Be great to see you two again. You never know. Nothing planned as of now.
What scene in any film took the longest to film from cracking up so much and why? The yoga scene in Couples Retreat.
I’m a big fan, you’ve brought a lot of happiness in my life with your amazing career so thank you. My personal favorite role you performed was in “Made” – watching you fight with Jon Favreau for an hour and a half was hysterical. My question is your friend Jon Favreau has said that “Dungeons and Dragons” has influenced his storytelling and imagination - have you ever played D&D with him? I never played D&D with Jon, but he has a great imagination and always has a fun way in to story.
If you had to turn one of your movies into a TV Series and act in it, which one would you choose? (Probably not the Psycho remake, but you never know...) I'm note if there's any I'd like to turn any of them into a TV series. I like leaving them as films.
Thanks for doing this AMA! I doubt Four Christmases will get a reference from any other Redditors but I love that movie. Why? Your character portrays the brutal nature of what I have to endure with my family and my fiance's family EVERY year. Any tips on how I can better handle family time during the holiday season? Pick your fights.
How do you manage to talk so fast in your movies? TEACH ME. Let it flow!
Hi Vince, what kind of car to you drive most often? I bought my first car from Avis. It was a Chevrolet Beretta, and it was actually in the movie Swingers. Now I drive an Audi with car seats for kids.
What's Hollywood's biggest secret? Blue Lagoon is an actual place.
Bourbon, Scotch or Beer? All 3 together.
Who inspired you to act and have the sense of humor that you convey in your movies? Unknowingly Nadia Comaneci. Seeing her gymnastic routine inspired me to laugh.
1) Vince 2) ___ 3) ___ 4) ___ 5) ___ Me and the four other luckiest guys in the world.
Hey! I just wanted to say that you and Jon Favreau in Swingers got me through some rough times with past break ups. I still make friends watch it when their relationships go to shit. You're like a bear man. Glad to hear it.
I just want to say I loved you in Return to Paradise. I love Return to Paradise as well. One of my favorites...
Please tell me more about how awesome it was to be in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Yeah. I bet a lot of you nerds forgot about that one. I had just come off Swingers which was a small movie that Jon and I did and the biggest eye opening was that the food budget for The Lost World was bigger than the entire budget for Swingers.
Swingers was and still is the fucking best. That is all. Respect.
You're from Chicago, but it doesn't look like you ever studied at one of the improv comedy theaters that so many other famous comedians and actors have come from. I've always wondered why and if wish you had. I did study with Del Close who started Second City when I was a kid for a few months, and I did perform live in high school in bars that I wasn’t old enough to be in.
Sock-Sock-Shoe-Shoe. Or. Sock-Shoe-Sock-Shoe. Sock-Sock-Shoe-Shoe.
Please describe your worst date ever! Was trying to sneak away in the morning considered a date?
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